Self-adhesive label for cosmetics

Colors and lacquers for

Achieve superior print quality, optical effects, high abrasion resistance and resistance to ingredients of filling good, e.g., alkali, ethanol


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Solution Benefits
  • High printing speed for efficient print runs
  • Excellent edge-lift resistance and no curling of label
Ink System
  • Color ink: Sicura Flex, Sicura Plast, Sicura Typo, Sicura WL, Sicura Screen, Sicura Nutriflex or Sicura Litho Nutriplast
  • Overprint varnish: Sicura Flex OPV, Sicura Screen OPV or Sicura Nutriflex OPV

Application Types

  • Label

Filling Goods

  • Hair care products
  • cosmetics
  • etc.