Increase recyclability

Inks & Coatings

Enable non-recyclable waste to work in existing recycling streams

The challenge

The creation of packaging with increased recyclability (such as a 100% recyclable stand up pouch) necessitates the enabling of Surface Print on a monolayer PE stand up pouch to replace PET/PE laminates.

It was important that the packaging could be recycled within well-established PE recycling streams, and that while enabling recyclability, manufacturing efficiency & economy was still delivered through:

  • lower material cost
  • less conversion cost
  • faster conversion process

Solutions would have to match reverse print performance by adding scratch resistant gloss or matt varnishes.

The solution

  • Combining market proven ink systems with high performance 2K varnish solutions
  • Friction optimized varnish with high thermal resistance compatible with fast packaging lines
  • Outstanding scuff and scratch resistance to withstand rough transport conditions
  • Optical appearance and tactile impression adjustable: gloss, mat, soft, rough – you decide!
  • Inks for Gravure and also Flexo printing available for high speed printing of thin PE film
  • PVC free inks for seamless recyclability within the given PE recycling stream

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