Circular Economy at Siegwerk


Your circular packaging solutions partner

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of inks and coatings for packaging applications and labels, we at Siegwerk believe in the benefits of a Circular Economy to sustainably shape the future of packaging.

The need for change has never been more pressing than today: tons of packaging waste, dramatic amounts of leakage into the nature and a continued use of finite resources such as crude oil make it clear, the world’s linear economy principle “take-make-use-dispose” is outdated. It’s about enhancing the performance and recyclability of packaging now to ensure a cleaner future for next generations.

That’s why we at Siegwerk take our responsibility very serious and are willing to actively drive the transformation of the packaging industry away from a linear towards a circular economy model.

Our commitment

rethINKing packaging towards circularity

We are committed to rethINK packaging in the sense of a Circular Economy to protect our environment by recycling, reusing, and reducing packaging. It’s about enhancing the performance of packaging to create circularity enabling 100 percent collection and recycling. By doing so, we can benefit from the advantages of packaging - especially of plastic packaging – without the current negative side effects such as ocean and nature leakage.

For the realization of circular packaging solutions, inks and coatings play an essential enabling role due to their technical functionalities. They can close technical performance gaps of certain materials, such as paper and mono-plastic, improve their properties and therefore allow their use for new applications. That’s why we are actively driving the formulation of eco-friendly inks and coatings concretely addressing the needs of circular packaging solutions. Therefore, we continuously rethink our solutions to further boost material performance and reduce complexity of packaging structures always focused on reusability, recyclability, and the reduced use of non-renewable raw materials.

Our circular solutions

Enabling packaging circularity

Today, we already have a broad track record in customer-specific ink and coating development projects for circular packaging solutions that - among others - increase recyclability, enable composting, and support packaging design based on renewable materials. All our circular solutions are flexible regarding substrates, printing technologies and ink systems.

We are constantly working on new sustainable ink technologies and functional formulations to further expand our circular solution offering and enable new circular packaging applications. Thereby, all inks and coatings are always designed to meet our customers’ individual requirements unleashing packaging’s full potential and enabling its use in a Circular Economy.

Design 4 Less

Limiting the use of finite resources and exploring the re-use of packaging

Design 4 Recycling

Closing the loop for plastic waste through high quality recyclate and its application

Transforming paper into a recyclable high-function packaging option
Creating a future for re-use models
Supporting the ambition of fully bio-renewable packaging
Making recyclable mono-plastic packaging a reality
Pushing for a system of de-inking for plastic packaging
Service compostable packaging - where sensible

Our journey towards a circular and digital packaging solutions company

Fully embracing the circular approach

We have already started our own journey towards becoming a circular and digital packaging solutions company by not only developing circular inks and coatings but also rethinking our own operations and business according to a circular approach. We are committed to help our customers to cover the final mile to achieve their sustainability goals by providing innovative solutions as well as strategic and operational guidance on both packaging development and optimization in the sense of a Circular Economy.

We are there to also support you on your Circular Economy journey - from rethinking your packaging solutions and developing circular packaging innovations to implementing sustainable processes. Contact us now.

Alina Marm

A Circular Economy gives us the ideas and tools on how to solve the plastics paradox. It is now up to us, as business representative, to prove that we can make it happen.

Siegwerk’s goal is to develop truly sustainable packaging solutions which deliver a system-level perspective on the packaging life cycle and to fully understand how the single actions of individual members of the value chain work together effectively.