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We look forward to seeing your application soon!

All of our available roles are posted on the Siegwerk career portal.

Your application can be submitted through a quick and simple online process. A local recruiter will then review as soon as possible.

If we feel that your profile is a good match, we will typically conduct a first interview with you via video conference. After that, we will invite you into one of our local worldwide offices for a further set of interviews, usually onsite at a local office.

Application Process @ Siegwerk


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Candidate screening

Welcome to the Siegwerk family!

Some commonly-asked questions

This depends on the volume of applications we receive for any particular role. However, as a rule, you should hear something back within a couple of weeks. Please note that you will in any case receive an automated response almost immediately to confirm we have received your application.

We have dedicated Recruiters and local Human Resources professionals in each of our major locations. Depending on where you apply from, a local person will review and assess your application.

Our Recruiters look for a good match in terms of skills and relevant experience to the advertised position. In some cases, depending on the type of role, we may look for specific qualifications (e.g Chemical Engineering, or specific IT qualifications/ certifications among others.)

Ideally, yes. This depends however on your location, and any remaining COVID restrictions. As with many companies, we have adapted to the recent pandemic situation, and so are able to conduct many of our interviews using video. We feel though where it is safe and applicable, that personal interviews also provide useful interactions – for you as a candidate, and for us as a company.

To apply, at a minimum you will need your CV in a suitable format (MS Word or PDF is fine). You may want to also include a cover letter. This is a good way to describe your motivation and suitability in more detail. Additionally, and depending on the position, you may want to add in formal qualifications or certifications.

Yes, absolutely. You will be notified via email or personal call if you are successful in progressing in the process or not.

We do not accept written applications for open roles. For consistency and transparency, and to adhere to current data privacy requirements, we require all applications to be submitted through our online application tool – “Talent@SW”.