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Siegwerk – Printing inks with Heart and Soul

Siegwerk is an international, market leading manufacturer of printing inks for packaging of any kind as well as newspapers, magazines and catalogs. Headquartered near Cologne, Germany, the company is still family-owned. With more than 180 years of experience, Siegwerk commands a profound product knowledge and expertise for many printing methods.

Our philosophy “Ink, Heart & Soul” incorporates what our customers experience every day. We are steeped in tradition, yet practice-oriented with state-of-the-art technology.

Sales 2018


* includes consolidation effects

Europe remains the top-selling market. In the emerging regions Asia and Latin America Siegwerk’s business is constantly growing.

Employees 2018


With its global headquarters in Germany, about half of Siegwerk’s employees work in the EMEA region, followed by Asia, Canada & USA, and Latin America.

Consistently good quality

Siegwerk has created a global production and service network to give business partners what they need the most: consistently good quality. The basic colors and varnishes are therefore manufactured in a standardized process at our 16 “Centers of Excellence” around the world. The raw materials and intermediate products are as close to identical as possible, laying the foundations for consistent product quality. “Blending Centers” in more than 30 national subsidiaries around the world ensure that the printing inks are subsequently tailored to meet the individual customers‘ requirements.

Centers of Excellence

  • Des Moines // USA
  • Morganton // USA
  • Toluca // Mexico
  • Sao Paulo // Brasil
  • Buenos Aires // Argentina
  • Siegburg // Germany
  • Buedingen // Germany
  • Annemasse // France
  • Aarberg // Switzerland
  • Loeches // Spain
  • Istanbul // Turkey
  • Bhiwadi // India
  • Shanghai // China
  • Tebrau // Malaysia
  • Tangerang // Indonesia
  • Bangkok // Thailand