SICURA Flex Series

UV-curing –  non-low-migration
Inks, Whites & OPV for Lables, Shrink-Sleeves and Plastic Tubes printing

The SICURA Flex 39-8 is a free radical, UV-mercury arc lamp curing flexo printing ink series. It is suitable for processing on all types of in-line label or packaging printing machines on a wide range of plastic materials and other substrates. The series is only acceptable for food packaging, if the processing conditions rule out the possibility of set-off in the reel or stack and the design of the final printed article ensures reliable functional barrier properties to migration.

SICURA Flex 39-8 is a non-low-migration inks series formulated in Compliance to the EuPIA Exclusion Policy for Printing Inks and Related Materials.

The offered product portfolio is augmented by additional products such as opaque whites, metallic inks, varnishes for various applications, adhesives, as well as primers to improve adhesion on demanding printing substrates.

SICURA Flex Series performance at a glance

Very good printability

  • Good ink flow
  • Results in high image definition: low dot gain, sharp dots, clean micro texts

High color strength

  • Offers high opacity and brilliance of inks

Highly reactive

  • Allows printing speeds of up to 150 m/min

High chemical & mechanical resistance

  • Alkali & solvents • Heat sealing
  • Good adhesion
Highly concentrated process prints 360 – 475 lines / cm 2.5 – 3.5 cm3 / m2
Line images and/or texts 180 – 195 lines / cm 6.0 – 7.0 cm3 / m2
Intensive solids 160 – 180 lines / cm 7.0 – 8.0 cm3 / m2
Fine lines 200 – 320 lines/cm 4.5 – 6.0 cm3 /m2

SICURA Flex Series product portfolio includes

OPV, Primers & Adhesives
Specialties & Additives

Technical features

Substrates Suitability
Corona pre-treated Polyethylene
Primered Polyethylene
Depending on pre-treatment / quality of the primer
Corona pre-treated Polypropylene
Conditionally suitable application
Primered Polypropylene
Depending on pre-treatment / quality of the primer
Pre-treated/ primered Polyester
Depending on pre-treatment / quality of the primer
Depending on pre-treatment / quality of the primer
Soft PVC (Vinyl)
Topcoat thermopaper
Conditionally suitable application
ECO thermopaper
Conditionally suitable application
Primered aluminum foils
Depending on pre-treatment / quality of the primer
Primered metalized substrate
Depending on pre-treatment / quality of the primer

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