About Siegwerk


What we do and why we do it

Siegwerk is one of the leading global providers of printing inks and coatings for packaging applications and labels. As a family-owned company in its sixth generation, we rely on almost 200 years of expertise and knowledge in printing today.

We know what it takes to develop and print successful and responsible packaging solutions: From highly functional and eye-catching to sustainable and safe designs - we provide printers, converters, and brand owners worldwide with high-quality ink and coating solutions customized to their individual needs.

We boost packaging performance.

Printing inks and coatings not only add color to product labels and packaging, but also ensure their functionality and safety. They contribute to meeting brand identity, fulfilling information needs and protecting packaged goods – they are essential elements to ensure the desired performance of a packaging.

The right inks and coatings can make packaging an eye-catcher at the point of sale by adding a special touch in terms of color, optic or haptic effects. At the same time, inks and coatings can provide the packaging with functional properties improving usability, durability, or even recyclability – their enabling power is manifold.

We focus on customization.

The requirements for inks and coatings are complex and vary from packaging application, intended purpose, used materials, and printing technology.

  • All printing technologies require different ink and coating properties to ensure smooth print runs and optimal print results.
  • All packaging applications require different ink and coating properties to ensure the packaging is safe for the intended use, meeting all regulatory requirements.
  • All responsible packaging end-life scenarios - from recycling to reuse or composting – require different ink and coating properties to ensure there is no negative impact on the process and the result.
  • All types of packaging material require different ink and coating properties to ensure packaging performance and product safety.
  • All countries have different regulatory frameworks setting different ink and coating requirements to ensure consumer safety.

All in all, the formulation of printing inks and coatings is a complex field of expertise with numerous variables and requirements to consider. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution and that’s why we are focusing on individual needs, always offering customized solutions that are concretely adjusted to the individual set-up and final application. We formulate our inks and coatings with the highest technology and safety standards ensuring an optimum performance boost for our customers.

With our broad portfolio of high-quality inks and coatings, we offer solutions for a wide range of packaging applications and labels for almost every production and printing process. From Flexible Packaging, Narrow Web & Plastic Tubes to Sheetfed, Paper & Board, and Tobacco Packaging up to Liquid Food Packaging and Digital Printing, we always provide tailor-made solutions that help packaging to perform – in conversion (materials, format, and filling), on the shelf, in consumer usage as well as post consumption in the material-to-waste process.

From basic to premium solutions for high-end packaging, from standard to low migration demands, from renewable resources to biodegradability, we always support our customers to develop safe, efficient, and sustainable packaging and label solutions that differentiate from others.

We provide more than inks and coatings.

In addition to our in-depth ink expertise, we also have an extensive knowledge in safety, technology, efficiency, and sustainability in relation to both, printing inks and coatings as well as packaging in general. All this builds a comprehensive package of know-how bundled in our overall offering: From customized inks and coatings to supportive services finely adjusted to help customers achieving their individual goals.

Consulting Services
Our aim is to support customers in making their workflows time- and resource-efficient, increasing process transparency and improving productivity. It’s about enabling customers to untap improvement potentials along their value chain - from prepress stage to further processing.
Technical Support Services
We provide guidance and support in all kinds of technical matters from ink development and performance optimization to troubleshooting, quality assurance and testing as well as in terms of product safety and regulatory compliance.
Training Services
We offer customized training courses and on-press workshops on various topics to enable customers to further improve themselves and turn their employees into experts of their own, to continuously ensure excellent print results.
Digital Services
We offer various digital channels and platforms that simplify the exchange of data and know-how and further minimize complexity by increasing process transparency and efficiency, enabling significant time and cost savings for our customers.

Driving digitization is an integral part of our company strategy today. This includes discovering novel technologies and adding digital tools and processes which are meaningful to increase efficiency and effectiveness for customers and partners. Our goal is to create an environment that enables quality improvement, waste reduction, and increased efficiency.

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We are experts in product safety and regulatory issues.

Product safety is and remains the most important and challenging aspect in packaging. Siegwerk is a global leader in providing product safety and supporting consumer protection is one of our highest priorities. Therefore, we have a team of experts exclusively dedicated to safety regarding both regulatory compliance and brand owner requirements to ensure that our products are safe for the intended end-use applications. We continuously exchange with our customers and adapt our solutions to their needs without compromising on safety standards. It is all about transparency along the value chain to ensure maximum product safety.

We take responsibility in everything we do.

As a family-run company with an extensive history, we have long been aware of our responsibility for future generations. We are strongly committed to make a positive and responsible contribution to society and the environment, and therefore see sustainability as the key driver in everything we do. It’s about keeping a balance between ecological, social, and economic needs without compromising the resources of future generations.

From an eco-friendly production process with a high level of safety and environmental protection, through product safety measures and environmental compatibility of our products, to diverse and inclusive workplaces or corporate social responsibility projects – we follow a holistic sustainability approach. To keep track of our achievements and continue to reach out for further improvements, we have launched our sustainable business program HorizonNOW combining our sustainability targets in all four areas: Product Safety + Responsibility, Operations and Supply Chain, People and Community as well as Circular Economy.

Our overall sustainability agenda aims to keep the effects of our business activities on the environment as low as possible while giving back to the communities we serve by supporting social projects, especially helping children and young adults in need of a better future. We have set concrete targets for reducing waste, lowering energy consumption, increasing resource efficiency or improving our products as enablers for packaging design in the context of a Circular Economy - to just name a few. We are committed to economic and ecological sustainability and are determined to do our part.

We believe in the power of teamwork.

Progress needs innovation as much as it needs collaboration. Partnering with customers and experts along the packaging value chain is key to stay innovative and develop forward-looking solutions. Particularly important to us is the involvement in initiatives that promote sustainable development across industries.

Today, we work closely with various industry associations and organizations around the world, sharing our expert knowledge and convictions with others to learn from each other and jointly develop innovative ideas that truly have a positive impact - for society and the environment. This proactive exchange enables us to provide special inks and coatings for the development of new circular packaging solutions and thereby further drive the change towards a circular packaging industry.

We rethINK packaging towards circularity.

We strongly believe in the benefits of a Circular Economy to protect our environment by recycling, reusing, and reducing packaging. It is about enhancing the performance and recyclability of packaging to build a cleaner future for future generations. In this context, inks and coatings play a key role in enabling circular packaging designs. That’s why we are continuously driving the development of eco-friendly inks and coatings that close technical performance gaps to enable reusability of packaging, improve its recyclability, and reduce the use of plastics or other non-renewable raw materials.

We already offer a wide range of circular solutions designed to make packaging fit for the needs of a Circular Economy and are making every effort to further broaden our offering with new innovative and sustainable solutions. In this context, we are not only looking at our core business as ink and coating manufacturer but also address innovation gaps with new business models to drive circularity across the entire value chain.

Every day, our ink technology experts around the world harness their extensive knowledge of packaging applications and new packaging concepts to constantly improve the performance of our ink and coating solutions always adapting them to the latest technology, design, and regulatory requirements. Additionally, we continuously rethink our solutions to boost material performance and reduce complexity of packaging structures and we focus on driving the development of circular packaging solutions.

We are committed to help our customers to cover the final mile to achieve their sustainability goals by offering innovative inks and coatings as well as strategic and operational guidance on both packaging development and optimization in the sense of a Circular Economy - this not only includes printers, converters, and packaging manufacturers but also brand owners themselves. With our dedicated Brand Owner Collaboration approach we offer hands-on expertise to brand owners, supporting them to rethink their packaging designs and developing new solutions that meet their individual business and sustainability goals.

We are

We are committed to become a circular and digital packaging solutions company boosting packaging design for the future and driving the development of responsible packaging towards circularity. With the combination of first-class ink performance, maximum product safety and continuous guidance and support, we already enable printers, converters, and brand owners worldwide to create safe and sustainable packaging solutions for all kinds of applications today.