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Due to the variety of print technologies, substrates, packaging formats and applications available today, it is obvious how versatile the printing and finishing processes are and how complex the setups can be. From folding boxes, labels, or pouches through cardboard, films, or aluminum to narrow web, flexographic or digital printing - the process requirements are diverse.

We help you to improve your productivity

Based on our broad expertise in packaging and label printing we can help you to identify improvement potentials along your value chain - from prepress stage to further processing – that enable you to achieve your individual goals. Thus, we focus on both materials and their usage as well as machinery handling.

Whether it is about optimizing the processes in your print shop, identifying possible savings, or managing your inkroom and ink preparation, our Process Management and Consulting (PMC) team is on hand to help . Together, we can analyze your current ink management and entire production process - you will be surprised what an outside view can contribute to identify valuable improvement potentials enabling you to easily increase your productivity and profitability.

Our consulting services at a glance:

On-Site Consulting
InHouse Operations
Color Management
Ink Transition Management

On-Site Consulting

We help you to make the good even better

Our On-Site Consulting team is the right one when it comes to optimizing the processes in your print shop. Our experts can provide advice and support along the entire value chain - from the prepress stage to further processing. In close collaboration with you, we analyze the production processes, spot optimization possibilities, identify saving potentials, develop concrete action plans, and finally support you in implementing the changes. Always with the goal to increase transparency in your company, improve productivity on the shopfloor by reducing setup times and material waste, increasing printing speed, minimize downtimes, and thus contribute to a sustainable development of your business.


We get the maximum out of your inkroom

In almost every inkroom, there are opportunities to increase efficiency and unleash potential savings. With our InHouse service solution we can ensure your inkroom is well-managed and therefore effectively organized. Therefore, our ink technicians manage your ink stocks directly at your premises - day in, day out. As part of this service solution, our trained experts can undertake all kinds of tasks ranging from ink ordering and inventory management, to ink preparation and ink quality control, to press return management and color matching. Depending on your individual needs, our InHouse team can either take the leadership role in your inkroom while your team will still manage its operations, or our experts can take care of the entire inkroom operations for you.

Before we start, we agree on the level of service by assigning clear responsibilities and defining the equipment needed to unlock the desired efficiency improvement in your inkroom. After a baseline process analysis and the development of improvement proposals, we will start operations accompanied by continuous performance monitoring and annual KPI evaluation. All designed to improve the efficiency of your inkroom and enable your employees to fully focus on their areas of expertise going forward.

Color Management

We assist you in achieving high color accuracy

When branded products are involved, the demands for accurate color shading are very high. The use of colorimetry with the appropriate equipment and technical knowledge ensures that your products are of high quality and that there are fewer complaints. As far as your production is concerned, this means shorter setup times, less ink waste and increased productivity. Here, we can support you with our expertise in color management and colorimetry and give you guidance on suitable equipment, latest industry advancements, ISO standards and more.

With Siegwerk’s Colorwerk we offer you a one-stop solution for everything related to the area of color management. We can support you with a neutral expert view for developing and implementing color management solutions that best suit your value chain. From theoretical and hands-on training courses to color process optimization such as CMYK process standardization, spot color management or Expanded Color Gamut printing - we help you to realize tangible benefits.

As a part of our Colorwerk solution, we also offer digitally printed color cards using the professional proofing software from our partner GMG. These color cards are based on the exact measured values of your individually created color formulations and include a reliable simulation of the desired spot colors on the given target substrates. The use of digital color cards offers you significant time savings in the reproduction of existing colors, always ensuring their accurate realization on the required substrates. They are key to consistent and predictable print production meeting the high demands of brand owners.

Ink Transition Management

We help you to master the changeover

Changing the ink system without interrupting the ongoing operation can be a real challenge. This is where we can support you with our broad ink expertise and printing knowhow from the very beginning. Thereby, our experts not only look after the technical characteristics of the new printing inks and the production of ink recipes, but also provide on-site support to ensure a smooth changeover to the new ink system.

We always work in cross-functional teams closely with your employees to enable the best possible interaction between your inkroom and the production. Therefore, we provide you with all resources needed to efficiently conduct a fast and hassle-free ink transition, from an experienced team and a tailored project plan to a proven color management process for best color matching results. With the realization of numerous successful ink transitions, our approach has proven to be industry-leading today.

Sharing knowhow & experience

The success of all our consulting services is based on the close collaboration with you and your employees. Honest and transparent insights are keys to identifying the right levers for efficiency and productivity improvements, developing actionable measures, and ultimately implementing the changes effectively. To ensure long-term success, we also provide tailor-made training for your employees – from ink training courses through product safety trainings to press room workshops.

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