Our Collaborations

RethINK Packaging

We work with partners across the value chain.

Packaging sustainability is a complex topic, it cannot be solved by one industry player or sector alone, cross-industry exchange is inevitable. That’s why Siegwerk is partnering with different associations and industry networks to join forces and develop advanced packaging solutions with improved performance and recyclability to help realize the full potential for a sustainable future. The company makes every effort to shape the future of packaging not only through innovative and sustainable ink solutions but also through sharing its packaging ink know-how with customers and industry partners. We support our partners in making solutions actionable and putting theory into practice. In collaboration with customers and industry partners, Siegwerk’s experts analyse the equipment and processes used to identify improvement potential and point out concrete realization possibilities.

We work with you to create or choose the best solutions for your business.
Our inks and coatings add value, in performance, cost-savings or sustainability.
We are pioneers in cutting-edge, modern packaging solutions, and we don't shy away from necessary change.

Partnership with Henkel

Oxygen Barrier Coating

Siegwerk and Henkel, two pioneers in sustainable packaging solutions, have partnered to create an innovative oxygen barrier coating. Enabling mono-material packaging solutions with better recyclability and better barrier properties. Multi-functional thin layers replace incompatible multi-layer structures, creating recyclable packaging to support circular economy ambitions.


  • Enabling mono-material designs with better recyclability.
  • Providing oxygen barrier properties to polyolefin films.
  • Faster time-to-market due to decreased lead-time of barrier films.
  • Replace existing & less recyclable barrier technologies.
  • Customized barrier solutions for various end-use applications.

Partnership with Kotkamills

Together we accelerate change for good

Siegwerk and Kotkamills, a Finnish paper and paperboard manufacturer, joined forces to create innovative solutions for printers and producers of fibre-based packaging to further drive packaging circularity.

Under the motto “Together we accelerate change for good”, this strategic partnership aims to provide the market with highly sustainable and eco-friendly solutions by combining the latest technologies of both companies. The collaboration is based on the potential of water-based dispersion barrier coated paperboard to replace traditional polyethylene (PE) coated board. Thus, the switch in coating not only offers an economic driver to collectors and recyclers, it also reduces the environmental impact of the packaging.

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Cross-industry collaboration

In a first and unique collaboration for the Personal Care industry Clariant, Siegwerk, Borealis and Beiersdorf are combining expertise to tackle the challenge of creating recyclable consumer packaging, based on 100% retrieved plastic packaging waste, for cosmetics applications. The pioneering initiative, named "Design4Circularity" is providing innovations and insights for the different design aspects to encourage others to also follow design for circularity principles.

The cross-industry collaboration is targeting the achievement of truly circular packaging by incorporating full life cycle thinking in each development step, to create a new standard for the industry. Circular packaging supports reduced plastic waste, less use of new/virgin plastic material, and reduced climate impact, which are critical challenges facing our planet.

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