Reducing structure complexity

Inks & Coatings

De-complexing packaging structures with printed solutions

The challenge

In order to find a substitute for metalized board and foil stamping, inks and coatings for surface printing must be developed. Metallized film should also be replaced with lower cost printable alternative

Additionally, the replacement of foil stamping processes is needed to gain production speed and avoid cost and excess waste.

It’s imperative to retain optical performance for outstanding and attractive appearance at the point of sale.

As a circular economy solution, the recycling process must be optimized – this entails enabling the separation of metal ink from fibre within a common paper deinking process.

The solution

  • “Mirror Tech” – creating brilliant metallic layers in various color shades
  • Standard: Using a UV Primer to compensate rough board surfaces + solvent based metallic inks and coatings
  • Single Layer Technology (SLT): UV Premium Silver for premium board qualities + solvent based coatings
  • Use with typical print technologies, various tinted shades available
  • Packaging cost saving and better recycling (validation ongoing)
  • Broad variety in achievable brilliance allows cost effective metallic highlights for many packaging structures

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