Why work at Siegwerk?


At Siegwerk, you can be a part of our transformation, and make a positive impact. Together we can Do it. With Heart.

Siegwerk is focused on making an impact on the world we live in. We are one of the leading global providers of printing inks and sustainable packaging solutions. Packaging is an industry that needs smart, future-oriented development, and there are so many critical areas that need attention. Especially as our main focus is on the challenges of the packaging industry. It is in the process towards change and holds many action areas for us – and you – to support with sustainable and smart solutions.

It is an industry that is rapidly growing, and an industry on the edge of transformation. Right now, our focus is on enabling a circular economy within the packaging supply chain. Part of this includes making sure that our own products are circular so that the packaging they are applied to also becomes more circular.

More than that though, we are exploring new ways to get involved in the wider Circular Economy, including A.I., De-Inking consulting services, and remote client applications, to name just a few…

At Siegwerk, you can be a part of this transformation and positive change. You can bring and develop your ideas with us to make a lasting impact. Together we can Do it. With Heart.


The freedom to excel

No matter which role you choose at Siegwerk, there is room for flexibility. Sometimes that means working from home, or working flexible hours in the office. Sometimes it is flexibility in the processes or tools you use, or the flexibility to learn new skills. Always, though, it is the understanding that to excel, you need room to move, and to grow.


Matching your drive, dedication and heart to achieve great things

We have a big task ahead of us, and we need people who want more than ‘just a job’.

The driving force behind everything Siegwerk does is passion. Passion to get things done and to constantly evolve and transform the company and the industry. Also passion to help each other, and to help create a better future for everyone. We’ll provide you with the platform to really make an impact. All you need to bring is the drive, dedication, and passion to make it happen.


Change the Packaging industry for good

Our goal is to help change the way people use Packaging. We want to transform the industry to make way for a better future. Our position on the packaging value chain allows us to directly influence the way Packaging is designed and produced – and it’s a position we take seriously.

Join us today in any role, and you will have the chance to help drive that positive change – to genuinely make a lasting impact.

What we offer You

Working with Siegwerk has a lot of benefits

Working at Siegwerk offers you a lot of advantages, for example working in an international environment or a flexible working model. On the right you can find all the attractive advantages we offer:

Remote work opportunities

Up to max. 60%

Attractive remuneration and benefits

as well as company pension scheme

Christmas tree for every employee

(in Siegburg/Germany only)

External employee consulting ICAS

for private and professional questions

Flexible working model
Good public connection and parking spaces

depending on location

Initiatives for circular economy
Language trainings
Paid vacation
Working in an international environment