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As a leading global manufacturer of printing inks and coatings for packaging applications, Siegwerk is strongly committed to supporting our customers on all relevant topics concerning safe inks and coatings. This expert information transfer is based on proactive transparency and triggered by our ambition for safe products ensuring the highest level of consumer and environmental safety.

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Siegwerk Exclusion Policy
Self commitment based on EuPIA Exclusion Policy and applying the principles on global level. (Voluntary Commitment based on EuPIA)
Foresighted adaptation
Continuous improvement of raw material portfolio regarding consumer, occupational and environmental safety
PSR Management System
Rigid raw material selection and globally coordinated approval processes to safeguard legal and brand owner compliance result in global benchmark for the composition of inks and coatings
Proactive communication about relevant product related information down the supply chain to support compliance management and sustainability ambitions via product environmental data as well as provision of expert knowledge via the openly accessible Ink Safety Portal


Siegwerk offers its customers a free 24/7 access to all their product-related documents such as safety or technical data sheets and Statements of Composition (SoC). After a one-time registration, customers can easily check all the products they ordered in the past 12 months.

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mySiegwerk Report Portal is the key to the latest product safety or technical data sheets and Statements of Composition (SoC) Siegwerk provides to customers.

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Ink Safety Portal

We are committed to maximum product safety.

With our Ink Safety Portal, we at Siegwerk have established another tool to share and spread our know-how along the packaging chain. As leading supplier of printing inks for packaging applications, we are strongly committed to product safety and transparency to support our customers in manufacturing safe products. The Ink Safety Portal is all about knowledge sharing especially regarding crucial PSR topics for printing inks, like raw material qualification, regulatory affairs, compliance, exposure assessment or direct food contact.

Ink Safety Portal