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Water-based inks and coatings for paper and board applications

Siegwerk offers a wide range of water-based inks and coatings for paper and board applications. As materials based on renewable resources, paper and board offer a great potential for the creation of sustainable packaging in the context of a Circular Economy. Subsequently, expanding the usage of paper and board to further application segments becomes crucial to replace other less sustainable packaging solutions.

Here, inks and coatings play an essential enabling role to prepare paper and board to meet the different requirements on material performance and functionality, depending on the application’s end-use purpose. From food compliance and good print-resistance to high printing speeds and good recyclability – the list of requirements is manifold.

Application examples

  • Bakery bags
  • Wrap for food like cheese, sausage, or fast food
  • Paper sacks for pet food
  • Paper bags for pasta
  • Wrapping paper
  • Napkins and kitchen towels
  • Drinking cups
  • Cardboard box for vegetables or fruits
  • etc.

Sustainable. Compliant. Powerful.

Siegwerk’s solutions for water-based printing inks and coatings for paper and board packaging

Siegwerk offers water-based printing inks and various coatings for all common forms of paper and board packaging. Our user-friendly ink series are characterized by excellent ink performance, good color strength as well as high resistance and high resolubility, while enabling efficient printing production runs with high printing speeds on both coated and uncoated paper. If you have in-depth questions about this topic, please refer to our paper & board troubleshooting guide

Additionally, our portfolio includes various low odor and low migration solutions suitable for particularly sensitive food packaging. These offer an especially high resistance to fatty, acidic, and slightly alkaline foods and comply with global food contact standards.

We also offer a range of barrier coatings for a variety of paper and board packaging products, including paper cups, fast food wrappers, and corrugated boxes, meeting the functional needs of paper such as printability, flexibility, and gluability, without impacting its recyclability at all.

We are continuously working on further extending our portfolio of sustainable product solutions to concretely support the renewability and further enhance the recyclability of paper and board packaging. Today, we already offer a range of sustainable ink series based on natural and renewable raw materials supporting the development of circular paper and board packaging solutions.

Solution examples

Inks and coatings for paper and board packaging

    Sustainable water-based inks and coatings formulated with a high Bio Renewable Content (BRC)
    Water-based overprint and barrier coatings for repulpable, recyclable, and compostable paper and board packaging
  • UNI T
    Ink series with high concentrated pigment bases designed for printing on transient food contact materials
  • UniCor
    Water-based ink series for common corrugated packaging

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