We provide more than inks and coatings

In everything we do, we always pursue the overall goal of assisting our customers in developing safe, efficient, and sustainable packaging and label solutions. For this purpose, we not only develop customized inks and coatings, but also offer supportive services related to the printing and processing of packaging.

With the combination of first-class ink performance, maximum product safety and continuous guidance and support, we provide you with everything you need to achieve the packaging and print performance you are looking for, while enabling you to ensure maximum process efficiency and safety.

Our Promise: Quality. Performance. Efficiency.

We accompany you through the entire production process - from prepress stage to further processing – and are always at your side to offer advice and support based on our long-term expertise in ink technology, efficiency, product safety and sustainability. Thereby, all our services are always finely adjusted to your concrete needs to help you achieve your individual goals while saving time and money.