More inks. More expertise. More service.

The secret of our success is quite simple. We combine excellent printing inks with knowledge of safety, technology, efficiency and sustainability. Added to this are service packages that are finely adjusted to suit the needs of the printing press and in the inkroom.

We place our know-how at your disposal

On-Site Consulting (OSC) is a team of Siegwerk experts which helps you to optimize your printing process. We advise and support you in all stages of your production process from pre-press to post-press.

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We care

Showing respect for others – that is in many respects the task we have set ourselves. For that reason we are committed to helping current and future generations as much as we can.

A tradition of commitment

Ever since the company was established, Siegwerkers have assumed responsibility for a range of causes that goes beyond their actual work. That includes a generations-old tradition of providing assistance to the weakest members of our society – children and teenagers. In line with our corporate social responsibility policy we regularly support projects that benefit young people.

After all solidarity is a value that keeps society cohesive and allows it to shape its own future. That also applies to the cohesion of different regions and cultural environments around the world.

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Collaboration across the value chain

Brand Owners can expect faster packaging development, reliable results, novel solutions and migration mitigating when working with us. We have world class expertise and support when it comes to Inks to provide hands on support to further optimize your packaging.

We are very pleased to work with Siegwerk, one of the world's leading ink manufacturers, on the development of new sustainable printing inks and their certification. Like Werner & Mertz, Siegwerk focuses on circularity. This focus on a sustainable circular economy directs us along our common path and underpins the implementation of the Recyclate Initiative objectives."
Torsten Haas, Packaging Developer at Werner & Mertz

We are here to help

One of our strengths is our service, which is distinguished by knowledge, motivation and flexibility. It does not matter whether you are looking for a Center of Excellence, a Sales Office or a Blending Center – you will soon find the contact you are seeking when you come to us – anywhere in the world.

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