Product Safety Statements


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Product safety is and remains the most important and challenging aspect in packaging. As a global expert in product safety, supporting consumer and environmental protection is one of our top priorities. That’s why we not only attach great importance to stringent safety and environmental standards, but also to transparency along the value chain.

Below please find a comprehensive range of relevant product information that enable you to always be on the safe side when using our products. The materials are divided into the following 6 categories: 


  • Frequently enquired substances
  • Ink industry exclusion lists of toxic substances
  • Ethics, social responsibility and Circular Economy
  • Compostable and biodegradable packaging
  • Food packaging safety


Registration, Evaluation, Authorization

REACH is the European Community Regulation on chemicals and their safe use and deals with the Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemical substances. REACH requires the systematic collection of information about the hazardous properties of chemicals in use e.g. as towards toxicity to humans as well as to the environment.

REACH Customer Information 44372 44371 44373 44374
REACH SVHC 44368 44366 44367 44369

Frequently enquired substances

Important information along the entire value chain.

Siegwerk assists its customers and all the partners of the whole value chain to manage exclusion, restriction or risk assessment of substances and elements in printed matter. The documents presented here largely apply to all Siegwerk products and provide reliable answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Arsenic and arsenic compounds 44241 44242 44243 44244
Asbestos 217 218 220 219
Azo dyes_PAAs 257 259 260 258
BADGE BFDGE NOGE 299 300 301 302
Benzene 232 233 235 234
Biocides 265 268 266 267
Bisphenols (bisphenol A, bisphenol F and others) 269 272 270 271
Boric acid_borates 167 168 170 169
California Proposition 65 list 44362 44361 44363 44364
Carcinogenic petroleum distillates 330 332 333 331
Chlorine and other halogens 338 341 339 340
Conflict Minerals_en 261 - - -
Copper and zinc 214 - 216 215
Food allergens 44339 44338 44340 44341
Genetically modified materials and printing inks and related products 353 356 354 355
Heavy Metals_Coneg-PPWD 263 262 264 281
Latex and natural rubber 303 304 306 305
Low molecular weight photoinitiators non-use in non-UV and UV for NPH 44278 44279 44280 44281
Low molecular weight PI for non-NPH applications 44287 44286 44288 44289
Melamine _cyanuric acid_ammeline_ammelide 282 283 285 284
Mineral oils in printing inks and varnishes 44146 44149 - 44150
Naphthalene, 2-methylnaphtalene and 1-methylnaphtalene 189 190 192 191
Nonylphenol and other alkylphenols (C5-C9 alkyl chain) 291 294 292 293
Organotin compounds of concern (TBT's, DBT's,MBT's) 247 248 250 249
PAH's_Pak's_Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons 244 245 246 255
Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) of concern 43992 43991 43998 43993
Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) 44474 44473 44475 44476
Pesticides 273 276 274 275
Phthalates 44275 44274 44276 44277
RoHS Directive Global 236 237 239 238
SIN (Substitute It Now) 44380 44379 44381 44382
Titanium dioxide customer information 401 402 - -
Toluene and other volatile aromatic hydrocarbons 320 321 323 322
Toxic halogenated compounds_dioxines-PCB-ozone depleting 311 312 314 313
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) 366 369 367 368

Ink industry exclusion lists of toxic substances

Exclusion lists in the printing ink industry.

These exclusion lists of materials have been based on health and safety matters in the day-to-day production and marketing of printing inks and associated products employing Good Manufacturing Practices.

Declaration of Conformity to the European Printing Ink Association (EuPIA) Exclusion Policy 44408 44407 44409 44410

Ethics, social responsibility and Circular Economy

We implement our values concept (Code of Business Conduct).

Siegwerk has taken a clear position on sustainability and Circular Economy, is committed and fully aware of its ethic and social responsibility. Environmental, health and safety standards apply at all Siegwerk locations and Siegwerk and its employees operate on the basis of a “Code of Business Conduct”.

Ethics, social responsibility and Circular Economy 334 - - 357

Compostable and biodegradable packaging

We are aware of our environmental responsibility.

Compostability and biodegradability of printing inks is related to the environmental responsibility. “Compostability” in relation to printing inks for packaging has in any case to be seen in conjunction with the compostability of the substrate. But as a rule, current printing ink technologies and product families are eligible for the production of printed compostable packaging. The legislation and technical background is stated in the document.

Suitability of Siegwerk printing inks for the production of compostable packaging 358 359 360 361

Food packaging safety

Safe with security - information with substance.

Packaging is essential for preserving food quality. Moreover, it is printed for product presentation and can also provide information on product features, food ingredients and nutrition facts. Printed layers can also assist in various additional technical features. The quality and safety of food will only be safeguarded if everybody along the packaging and converting chain assumes respective responsibilities within the existing legal framework. Information on food safety in general, but also with regard to regulations and standards applicable to our inks for food packaging, can now be found under mySiegwerk.


Corona Virus Information 329 - - -
Selection of Migration Optimized UV Systems 44318 44317 44319 44320