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Compliant printing inks and coatings for tobacco products

Innovative. Special. Safe.

From cigarette papers to cartons and from films to labels, we are the global point of contact for printing inks and coatings for tobacco packaging and more.

From UV curing, water-based and solvent-based inks and coatings to metallic inks and special coatings for haptic effects, our portfolio includes inks and coatings for all product components, types of packaging and package constituents available on the market today. We offer solutions for rotogravure, conventional sheetfed offset, UV sheetfed offset as well as flexographic printing – always tailored to the individual needs.

Our inks and coatings are optimized for excellent printability while complying with all statutory requirements as well as industry-specific packaging specifications for tobacco products in terms of toxicology and quality to ensure the highest consumer safety.

Supporting our customers on their journey beyond tobacco packaging

Our customers are specialists for printing on fibre-based packaging substrates and leveraging their expertise also for non-tobacco packaging. With our expertise we are supporting our customers on their journey beyond tobacco by developing suitable products that meet all quality and compliance criteria.

Application examples

  • Cigarette boxes
  • Display packages
  • Transparent films
  • Tipping paper
  • Cigarette paper
  • Food repackaging
  • Packaging for tea applications

Solution examples

  • DI TOB
    Offset ink, formulated with food colorants to meet all legislation and brand owner requirements
  • Tempo Nutripack 2
    Mineral oil free sheetfed offset ink system with low migration properties regarding food / tobacco compliance
  • NC TOB Tipping
    Special ink for tipping paper
  • VL TOB
    Ink system for polywraps with excellent adhesion on a broad range of OPP qualities
  • NC 200
    Solvent-based ink system for food packaging in gravure printing
  • Nutriboard 2
    Ink system used for UV offset printing of tobacco products
  • Nutriplast 2
    UV offset ink system for printing of all low migration applications outside of tobacco applications (food, confectionery, cosmetics, beauty, etc.)
  • Universal WB
    Water-based ink series for printing of tobacco and food packaging in gravure and flexo printing (for more information about flexo printing, please see our flexographic printing guide)
  • Decorative & functional overprint
    Wide range of varnishes for different application and printing technologies

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