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Get a taste of a global success story with a real ‘hidden champion'. Siegwerk has continued to expand its business for almost 200 years. We have seen good times and bad and have built a strong, stable and resilient company. Now, we are well positioned internationally and are one of the leaders in developing innovative, sustainable packaging solutions – a hot topic for almost every country in the world.

Enjoy the benefits of working for a family-owned company with an impressive past, and an even more impressive plan for the future. Siegwerk offers you a chance to make a big impact on the world. We will give you all the tools, technology, support, and flexibility you need – the rest is up to you.

Siegwerk is a global company, with offices in 34 countries, across Europe, Middle East & Africa, The Americas, and Asia. Many of our functions are global, meaning there is a real opportunity to move internationally, and between role types – maybe even trying different careers with us along the way.

We are focused on making an impact in the packaging industry. We want to change the way the world uses packaging and drive a sustainable future for everyone. Joining Siegwerk as a recent graduate or in another entry-level role means you can be a part of that. Together, we can Do it. With Heart.

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for Germany only

Young scientists are close to our hearts. That is why we participate in the Germany scholarship program (Deutschlandstipendium).

The Deutschlandstipendium supports (first-semester) students whose development indicate outstanding performance in their studies and careers. Half of the money comes from the federal government and the other half from private sponsors like Siegwerk.

Since we have strong regional roots, we also support students at the local Bonn/Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences. On the one hand, we award prizes for special achievements. On the other hand, we are involved in the education fund with two scholarships: One without a fixed subject and one in the field of chemistry with materials science, which is particularly important to Siegwerk.

Pupil internship

Not everyone has a plan for the career yet, and that’s just fine. Apprenticeship or study? Workshop or office? If you don’t know exactly what you want to do, then consider an internship. That way, you can discover the best fit for your future while you get hands-on work experience. .

With Siegwerk, you have the opportunity to get a wide range of experiences. You’ll get an insight into the world of employment during a compulsory or voluntary internship. During your time with us, you will get to know the exciting activities in the context of a leading global manufacturer of printing inks and sustainable packaging solutions.

If you think an internship could be right for you, we would love to get your application through the career portal.

(Mandatory) internship

Take a break from campus routine for a while and get a glimpse of ‘real working life’.

We offer students of higher semesters the opportunity to complete an internship semester in one of our divisions. This will give you an insight into the day-to-day work of a global player and allows you to be creative as well as contribute to the success of projects. On top of that, you will also learn to contribute to sustainable innovative and technological changes in the ink business. Students of IT, Natural Sciences, Engineering or Economists have the best chance of working in our company.

Please send us your application for a practical semester of maximum six months.

Bachelor/Master thesis

If you are close to the end of your studies, then now might be the right time to look for a thesis partner.  

Siegwerk would like to offer you the opportunity to work on a thesis with a lot of practical relevance. We are a global company with strong family roots and an exciting strategic roadmap to take us firmly into the world of sustainable packaging solutions – which, as we all know, is a hot topic around the world. If that sounds interesting to you, then take a chance – send in your application today!

Please send us your application documents with a suggested topic so that we can get in touch with you.

Working student opportunities

Need to mix up your study/life balance? Want to make some extra money during Semester? Have 20 hours left per week? Perfect! We offer many exciting opportunities in a variety of fields. Plus: As a working student, you earn between 15 to 17 Euro per hour gross (depending on your qualification).

If you are interested in gaining real insights into the working world while you are still studying, then consider becoming a Working Student at Siegwerk. We would welcome your application via our career portal.

Dual study program in IT

Studying is good, but practice is better. Combining both is even better than that! Siegwerk offers you the unique possibility to combine study and practice in a dual study program. In this situation, you would take theoretical courses at a university of applied sciences while working in the company and gaining practical experience. The clear advantage: You get a sound theoretical education with a recognized degree combined with lots of practical experience and application.

Our corporate headquarter in Siegburg, currently offers a Dual Bachelor Degree in Business Information Systems in cooperation with the FHDW in Bergisch Gladbach.

Another clear advantage: Siegwerk pays your tuition fees. Not only that, but you also receive an apprentice salary as per the German chemical tariff contract. That way you can concentrate on your studies without money trouble.

In the dual bachelor's degree program, practical work, and study at the university coincide. A practical phase usually lasts three months. During this time, you will be part of our teams where you get to know various commercial and information technology rotations in the company.

Get more international experience! Take the opportunity to get to know another Siegwerk site around the globe during a stay abroad.

As a working student at Siegwerk, I can apply and deepen the theory from my studies in practice. In the Operational Excellence department, I work in a dynamic team and am given a variety of tasks where I get to know employees from other areas. I am very flexible with shaping my working hours so that I have enough time for my studies.

During my studies, I had the opportunity to complete my internship in the controlling department at Siegwerk and then to continue as a working student. This allowed me to apply my knowledge practically and expand it enormously. Fortunately, I was integrated into my team right from the start and quickly given the opportunity to take on challenging tasks. I feel very comfortable as a Siegwerk employee and I am happy to be able to continue working here after my studies.

I have been working as a working student in various areas of Siegwerk for more than 1.5 years. I successfully completed my bachelor's thesis here and will also write my master's thesis at the company. In the area of Operational Excellence, my experiences can be summarized in three statements: A steep learning curve - meaningfulness of one's own work - communication at eye level.