Sheetfed & Offset


Wide-ranging inks and coatings for conventional and UV offset printing

Sheetfed offset printing is an international standard for high-quality printing of commercials and metal decorating applications. Many consumer markets benefit from sheetfed printed packaging, such as FMCG, food, spirits, luxury goods, and cosmetics. Therefore, product safety and low migration are integral considerations in the development of suitable inks and coatings.

Diversified. Optimized. Safe.

Today, Siegwerk offers a wide range of conventional as well as UV offset inks and coatings for all sheetfed applications.

Application examples

  • Packaging for spirits and perfumes
  • Paper-based chocolate wrappers
  • Beverage labels
  • In-mould labels
  • Folding cartons for frozen food
  • Shrink sleeves


Offset ink systems

The product spectrum for conventional offset applications ranges from mineral-oil-free inks to oil and water-based coatings for a wide selection of applications in packaging and commercial printing. Bundled under the name “TEMPO” these conventional offset ink systems impress with outstanding technical printing performance, durability and user-friendliness for short printing runs, face and reverse printing as well as in further processing.

Solution examples

  • TEMPO Nutripack 2
    100% vegetable-based offset ink series for food paper and board applications
  • TEMPO Plastoffset premium
    Litho sheetfed inks for food packaging applications, in-mould labels and cup printing


Inks and coatings for UV offset applications

Our inks and coatings for UV offset applications are in turn combined under the name “SICURA” and contain no volatile organic compounds (VOC). They are highly reactive, robust, and durable and can be used on a number of substrates such as paper, cardboard, aluminum, and plastics. 

All inks and coatings for food and cosmetic packaging are also characterized by extremely low migration levels always fulfilling all legal requirements and regulations in every respect.

Additionally, we are continuously working on new formulations of eco-friendly alternatives concretely supporting the development of circular packaging.

    Solution examples

    • SICURA Litho Pack ECO
      Sustainable UV offset ink series for non-food paper & board applications with bio-renewable content of 40%
    • SICURA Nutriplast 2 New
      Low migration UV offset ink series for sleeves and adhesive labels for food packaging

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