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RethINK Packaging

We are pioneers in deinking technology and expertise

The problem

Without recyclable packaging, there is no incentive to invest into recycling infrastructure. However, without a good recycling infrastructure there is limited upside to producing recyclable packaging. This creates a chicken and egg situation, limiting progress. This is particularly true in the context of deinking. Despite a strong demand for high-quality transparent recyclates, hot-washing infrastructure remains scarce and a large portion of print structures is non-deinkable.

The solution

Siegwerk aims to address this from both sides through industry collaboration to develop design for deinking standards and through the development of deinking and delamination products such as washable inks and primers that have been specially formulated to be fit for purpose, allowing reformulation towards deinkable products per customer request. On the other hand, we address the infrastructure problem through providing our expert process know-how and specialized deinking chemistry.

Siegwerk has years of pioneering expertise in solutions that enable the deinking of paper and board substrates. We are expanding that expertise to encompass a broad range of plastic substrates, from rigid and flexible packaging to labeled PET bottles. 

Our solutions are an invaluable component of recyclable packaging, and includes award winning projects 

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Introducing our deinking solution

The problem

Inks can present a problem in plastics recycling.

In the recycling process, the pigments in ink distribute evenly in the recyclate and result in unattractive colors mostly brownish/greyish/black. Additionally, the binders present in ink degrade, this leads to additional color and odor (think of burned paper). Degradation often implies gas formation which impedes the recycling extrusion process. The resulting recyclate is often only suitable to low demand applications and yields low prices.

The solution

Deinking boosts the quality of recyclates significantly.

Deinking can be done on standard alkaline hot washing plants by using the right detergent, and is also possible for rigid packaging structures.

CIRKIT Wash 01 deinking detergent delivers the highest deinking performance, even when compared side by side to the best commercially available deinking solution.


  • We operate an end-to-end recycling laboratory including grinding, washing, rinsing, regranulation and film blowing. Let’s assess together what quality can be achieved with your input waste stream!
  • With partners, we can characterize the recyclate further e.g. food contact material.
  • Continuous and reliable supply of deinking detergent at favorable commercial terms.

Siegwerk, the leading ink manufacturer in the packaging industry, is best positioned to support you in staying ahead of the competition.

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