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Simplifying processes to minimize complexity

Digital technologies have a great potential for increasing process efficiency, spurring innovation, and boosting sustainable growth. Making use of digitalized processes and tools can help to create an environment that enables quality improvement, service enhancement, process transparency as well as waste reduction.

Digital processes for higher efficiency

Driving digitalization is an integral part of our company strategy today. This includes discovering novel technologies and adding digital tools and processes where meaningful to increase efficiency and effectiveness for our customers and partners. As one of the first in the printing industry starting its digital transformation, we have significantly expanded our digital offering over the years. Today, we offer various digital channels and platforms that simplify the exchange of data and knowledge and further minimize complexity by increasing process transparency and efficiency to finally enable time and cost savings for you as our customer.

Our digital services at a glance:

  • MyInkRoom
  • mySiegwerk - Customer Portal
  • mySiegwerk – Report Portal
  • Ink Safety Portal
  • INKonnect


Your virtual inkroom

MyInkRoom is a user-friendly digital platform for automatic ink management tailored to your individual requirements. With this web-based application you can automate current manual processes within your inkroom making your live much easier. It offers you the opportunity to maintain an overview of the supplies in your ink store, calculate the right amount of reserves and prepare your orders automatically.

By being connected directly to your ink dispensers, the tool monitors ink levels in real time and provides an alert when stocks fall below a minimum level, making ink stock management easier than ever before. New orders are automatically placed based on your historical consumption data, and when delivery is confirmed, the inks are automatically added to the dispensing systems. With the application module “Inventory Manager” you can also easily and transparently manage your return inks, formulations, and goods.

All in all, MyInkRoom enables you to benefit from fewer stoppages, reduced storage requirements, lower ordering frequency, and the ability to maintain dynamic safety stocks and optimal levels of ink inventories. In short: It enables you to save time that you can spend on the important things in your day-to-day business.

mySiegwerk - Customer Portal

All in one place

Whether you are looking for the latest ink orders, want to issue a color matching request or update your company information with our SAP-based customer portal mySiegwerk you can do everything in one place. The digital platform provides you with a fast and secure order management service available 24/7. The portal is compatible with all devices including mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops and the use is free of charge.

Within your personalized account you can easily check the status of your order including the expected delivery date anytime you want. You can access your order history including purchase insights such as volumes, product/material types, colors, and series. Besides, you can generate account reports for account receivables and ageing report. The customer portal also provides a shop function and a document management option where you have access to safety and technical datasheets including the Statements of Composition.

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mySiegwerk - Report Portal

Access to all relevant safety & technical data sheets

The web-based platform is home to our latest product safety and technical data sheets as well as corresponding Statements of Composition (SoC). Once registered you can login anytime to the portal to access all documents free of charge.

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Ink Safety Portal

Stay up to date on product safety and regulatory topics

The digital expert platform serves as knowledge database giving you insights into crucial Product Safety and Regulatory (PSR) topics. The information provided includes amongst others: printing ink ingredients, regulatory affairs requirements, exposure assessments and safety evaluations.

The Ink Safety Portal offers you a diverse collection of key elements relating to safe printing inks and safe food packaging supporting you in the manufacturing of safe products. The user-friendly knowledge database offers you transparent insights into crucial safety and regulatory aspects as well as valuable tools such as a Worst Case Calculator to determine migration risks, all with the goal to ensure highest safety of your products.

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Remote service solution for increased productivity

With INKonnect, we offer you a remote service solution based on assisted reality (aR) technology that connects you at the push of a button with one of our experts to receive real time assistance and guidance. To use INKonnect, a suitable visualization device, such as smart glasses or a mobile device, is connected via a software application allowing Siegwerk experts to interact remotely with you or our on-site technicians in real time. The device provides the user with an immediate field of vision and enables the expert to see what the user is looking at. This way, the user can use both hands for troubleshooting on site while being advised and instructed by Siegwerk experts from remote location. Additionally, INKonnect supports sharing information during a call as well as record and save it for later review.

This innovative technology allows us to support you over distance – with even faster response times and easier accessible expert knowledge. Overall, you can increase productivity and efficiency while reducing waiting time, machine downtime, and thus costs. In addition, every request resolved via INKonnect helps to reduce CO2 emissions, supporting your and our sustainability efforts.

Features at a glance:
Multi device compatibility
Works with smart glasses (RealWear HMT-1, HMT-1Z1), smart phones & tablets (iOS and Android)
Multi call functionality
Several experts can join the same call
Live drawing function
Images can be captured and edited in real-time during a call
No license costs
Access via email or code invitation

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