Corporate Culture


We think like a global market leader and act like a family-owned business

Siegwerk's company story goes back almost 200 years: founded in 1824 as a retailer of manufactured goods, who later stepped into dyeing and printing calico fabrics, steadily expanded its printing expertise and range, and finally became one of today's global leading manufacturers of printing inks and coatings.

Until today, we are a family-owned business with all advantages still evident: independence and objectivity, flexibility and competence, commitment, and reliability. These still form the basis of our corporate culture today, guiding our daily business decisions and activities.

Responsibility, open-mindedness, foresight, and dedication - these are the values that we hold dear and that form the basis of our corporate culture – a culture that has grown and evolved over generations, that we maintain by fostering an environment of collaboration and support. It is this balance that makes us who we are – the perfect blend of objective, strategic, big-picture thinking; combined with support and collaboration at every turn. At Siegwerk, we think like a global leader, but we act like a family.

Of course, company success is not only about the values we represent, but also our practical expert knowledge and maybe most important our ability to think and act in a farsighted manner to be a valuable partner for customers. We are proud of our history, but we are even more excited about the future. We think big, and we always think long-term. Whether it’s expanding further into our growth markets or leveraging our technology and innovation to solve client problems, we are always looking to further improve and innovate to drive positive change.

Assuming responsibility towards society and the environment

Based on our far-reaching history, we have long been aware of our responsibility to society, the environment, but also our customers, employees, and suppliers. Therefore, we are always paying attention to a sensible use of resources, a respectful interaction among employees and towards external parties as well as the consequences that arise from our activities. We are committed to assuming responsibility in all areas and to treating all our resources with care.

One of our highest priorities is to drive the implementation of a Circular Economy and rethink packaging. We are set to leverage our position in the packaging value chain to influence the way packaging is designed and produced. We are committed to drive change across the packaging industry and enable the development of circular packaging solutions in all facets. This kind of commitment to making a difference has always set us apart.

Together with passion

Our worldwide team of more than 5,000 people enables us every day to always provide excellent ‘fit-for-future’ customer solutions. Our team shares a passion for making a difference together and helping to create tomorrow's solutions today. They are dedicated to going the extra mile, to working as a genuine partner to our customers and evolving new relationships into long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.

Thereby, we rely on international, multicultural, and diverse teams to bring together different skills and different perspectives. This empowers everyone to jointly develop new approaches to solutions and sustainable innovations further delivering on our commitment to make a difference and help create a better future for future generations.

Because together we can do it.

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