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User-friendly inks and coatings for labels, tube laminates and extruded plastic tubes

Labels, plastic tubes and laminates (PTL) are a product’s face to consumers. They do not only convey the brand design and carry the relevant product information, but also enable the product to stand out on the shelf and evoke certain emotions to attract consumer attention. In other words, labels and tube laminates play a significant role in brand communication contributing to product sales.

From shower gel through skin cream and toothpaste to beverage bottles, the quality demands for labels and laminates are as versatile as their possible applications.

Versatile. Strong. Reliable.

We offer a wide range of customizable solutions for all printing processes and meet numerous special demands for all kind of narrow web and tube applications. These include, for example, UV and LED-UV curing as well as solvent-based and water-based printing ink systems and coatings, adhesives for cold foil applications and in-line lamination as well as special inks and coatings for tactile and visual effects.

All our solutions for the narrow web and PTL sector deliver a high degree of strength and resistance making them a perfect fit for all kinds of packaged products. They are user-friendly to print and are also suitable for high production speeds while always ensuring reliable printing results.

From flexographic (see also our flexographic printing troubleshooting guide), offset, or letterpress, to rotogravure or screen printing, our portfolio for labels, tube laminates, and extruded plastic tubes offers versatile uses tailored to the individual print equipment and needs.

Application examples

  • Self-adhesive labels for cosmetics and food
  • Shrink sleeves for food and beverage packaging
  • Labels & shrink sleeves for aggressive filling goods like detergents and cleaning agents
  • Inks & coatings for thermal direct printed labels
  • Wrap-around labels for food and non-food applications
  • Extruded & laminated plastic tubes for food, pharma, or cosmetic packaging
  • Plastic tubes for industrial goods
  • Cups with in-mould labels for food
  • and much more.

Solution examples

for ink and coating applications

  • SICURA Nutriflex LEDTec
    The SICURA Nutriflex LEDTec is a low migration flexo printing ink series, suitable for processing on all types of in-line label or packaging printing machines on a wide range of plastic materials and other substrates, that can be cured by either LED-UV or mercury arc lamp UV-curing (Dual Cure system).
  • SICURA Flex Dual Cure
    The SICURA Flex Dual Cure is a TMPTA-free formulated LED-UV and/or UV-curing ink series for non-NPH (Nutrition, Pharma & Hygiene) applications.
  • SICURA Flex 39-8
    The SICURA Flex 39-8 is a non-low migration ink series, suitable for processing on all types of in-line label or packaging printing machines on a wide range of plastic materials and other substrates.
  • SICURA Nutriflex 10
    The SICURA Nutriflex 10 is a low migration, free radical, UV-mercury arc lamp curing flexo printing ink series. It is suitable for processing on all types of in-line label or packaging printing machines.
    The non-low migration SICURA Flex TUBE OPV and the low migration SICURA Nutriflex TUBE OPV product lines are premium UV coatings specifically developed for the application on extruded plastic tubes.
    The SICURA Flex Orbis is a UV flexo ink series for film labels and shrink sleeve applications. For more in-depth information, please refer to our UV label troubleshooting guide.

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