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Are you  a career expert in your field? On the path to becoming one? If you have already gained some experience in your chosen career, then Siegwerk has a wide variety of roles and options available to you.

We have openings to suit you across all of our key talent segments, including:

Information Technology & Services

Whether it’s streamlining a process through task automation, providing the expertise and technology to develop A.I. tools or any of the hundreds of other industry changing and innovation technology topics in between: IT at Siegwerk is the driver of global digitalization, and ultimately the key difference-maker in our company’s quest to positively impact the world. Working in this team means working with some of the best and brightest IT minds anywhere. It means bringing in your own ideas and seeing them come to life. Here, you will work with the very latest tools and platforms on offer. Siegwerk IT offers the chance to help transform what many people consider a ‘traditional’ industry quickly and radically into an agile, innovative industry disruptor. Here you can make a lasting impact on the IT landscape.
We typically have a wide range of technical, business partnering / consulting and leadership roles available across our key global hubs in Asia, North and South America, and throughout Europe.
You want flexibility, support, and the chance to make a massive impact?

Together with our talented, curious, and future-oriented team you will help transform the way we work, as well as how we work with our customers and partners. Join us! Together we can Do it. With Heart.

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SCM / Manufacturing / Operations

Efficient production and delivery of our products has been essential to the success of Siegwerk for almost 200 years. We continually apply innovative thinking and continuous improvement principles to what others call “old’ or ‘traditional,' and as a result we are always finding new and better ways to get things done. If this sounds like you, then we have a wide range of opportunities in this area, including Engineering, Manufacturing, Operational Excellence, Production, Supply Chain and Logistics.

Help make a difference to the world and build your career in one of these crucial teams.

Join us in an SCM/Manufacturing/Operations role today, and together we can Do it. With Heart.

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Chemists, Lab Workers, R&D and Technical Development

Chemists and lab workers in R&D and technical development departments wanted.

Siegwerk’s Technology teams are key to our global competitive advantage. Our international teams of Chemists, Lab workers, and Technical Development experts are the reason new customer join us and existing customers stay with us! We have a wide range of diverse and cutting-edge chemistry roles available across the globe. With us you can further your career and make an impact in the world of technology! We keep evolving and transforming – ourselves and your skills.

Join us in a Technology role today, and together we can Do it. With Heart.

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Corporate and local functions

Human Resources, Legal, Marketing & Communications, Purchasing and Finance

Join our international teams in Human Resources, Legal, Marketing & Communications, Purchasing and Finance!

Roles within Siegwerk’s Corporate functions are crucial in keeping Siegwerk going! Human Resources, Legal, Marketing & Communications, Purchasing and Finance: these critical roles power us and keep business running smoothly.

Join us in a corporate and local function role today, and together we can Do it. With Heart.

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Siegwerk Ventures

Jobs in

The future of packaging is circular. Together with you we want to lead the way in the areas of recycling, sustainability, and brand-new business ventures at Siegwerk.

Siegwerk Ventures is committed to sustainability and stands proudly for innovation within the packaging market. With our first stand-alone company, “Packiro”, we produce custom printed, sustainable packaging accessible to small and large companies. And that’s just the start.

If you join Siegwerk Ventures, you will be joining an ambitious, international team with a perspective of personal and entrepreneurial development – all within a modern, friendly office environment in the heart of Cologne.

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