PET recycling optimization

Inks & Coatings

De-complexing packaging structures with printed solutions

The challenge

Beverage brands aim at a 100% recyclability rate for their bottles, but the label needs to be removed before recycling can take place, a step which may prevent attaining the 100% target.

It is possible to avoid the separation of the label material by implementing a ‘monomaterial system’ using cPET sleeves. In this way it is possible to replace problematic sleeve material like gPET, PVC and PS that can in some instances obstruct PET bottle recycling.

An ideal scenario is the optimization and simplification of the process leading to the recovery of a higher volume of rPET in a food contact grade quality.

The solution

  • De-inking primers for cPET sleeves in combination with certified ink systems allow a quantitative removal of printed layers within defined deinking process conditions to finally avoid downcycling of rPET
  • Definition/verification of suitable de-inking process conditions
  • Holistic approach with relevant value chain partners to ensure full circularity for bottle to bottle recycling
  • Industry scale testing to ensure the normed process window at recyclers / rPET producers
  • Evaluation of sorting processes to avoid non-compliant materials
  • Certification of suitable ink solutions for cPET based shrink sleeves
  • Uncompromised technical and PSR related performance certified by associations like APR (EPBP planned)
  • Avoiding issues such as wash water contamination to ensure an economically and ecologically good process

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