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Addressing innovation gaps in circular value chains

In a Circular Economy, the goal is to create closed and regenerative loops of materials. For the packaging industry these translates into a “reduce, reuse, recycle“ approach. This calls for new business models and packaging structures that increase utilization rates and recyclability of materials.

And as one of the world’s leading packaging ink providers, we see it as our responsibility to future generations to do our part in rethinking packaging towards full circularity. Therefore, we are committed to invest in R&D to continuously broaden our portfolio with sustainable solutions that are explicitly designed to enable the development of circular packaging solutions.

But we go even further: We not only stay focused on our core business of inks and coatings but also look at the complete packaging lifecycle from design through production to recycling to actively shape the future of packaging in the context of a Circular Economy. Therefore, we are focusing on the development of new business models that concretely address today’s innovation gaps to drive circularity across the entire value chain.

Design. Digital Platform. Recycling.

With the foundation of our subsidiary Siegwerk Ventures, we have created a space to rethink the familiar, explore innovation, and finally found and scale new ventures in a safe and stable environment.

As our company builder, Siegwerk Ventures aims to build new independent ventures in the packaging industry to accelerate digital and circular packaging innovations. All new ventures are set based on packaging design, digital platforms and recycling innovation, covering the entire packaging lifecycle.

We are continuously looking for new innovative material structures or inspiring design formats in the sense of a Circular Economy. At the same time, we look for opportunities to leverage digital platforms to further standardize production processes or improve packaging accessibility and focus on opportunities to facilitate recycling processes, reuse recyclates and trace recycling rates of packaging. All with one goal: to drive sustainability and circularity in the packaging industry.


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Printed sustainable packaging for small businesses

Packiro is a digital platform for individually printed and sustainable flexible packaging solutions for food, cosmetics, or coffee products particularly for small business owners. In only three steps they can easily design and order their packaging in small quantities of 500 pieces per design in a quality comparable to the packaging of much larger brand owners.

Customers can choose between easily recyclable mono-plastic pouches or paper pouches either with or without an inner layer of plastic depending on the filling good. Packiro’s offering also includes services like graphic design and general packaging consultancy enabling small business owners to understand and manage their individual packaging needs in a simple and cost-effective way - all from one source.

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