How we rethink packaging

RethINK Packaging

We look at things differently, to create tailor-made packaging solutions.

There are no templates to what we do. We work with you to design the perfect solution for your business needs, moving closer to your sustainability goals without sacrificing performance or efficiency.

We use our vantage point in the packaging supply chain to develop solutions that meet current and future needs for customers and brand owners. We believe in a holistic approach, being mindful of trends both upstream and downstream.

End of life
Enable recycling. Enable reuse. No interference with compostability.
Coatings for better product shelf life. Product safety.
Attractive at the point of sale. Scuff and scratch resistant.
Short print run solutions. Packaging line optimization. Surface print solutions.
Solutions to switch from multi to mono material. Color consistency. Optical and tactile solutions.
Raw Material
Renewable raw material solutions. Stringent safety protocols.

Performance meets sustainability

Whether it’s to improve circularity, decrease leakage, or reduce carbon footprint, packaging sustainability is a pertinent topic. But achieving this objective is not without its challenges. For instance, the lowest-carbon material does not always have the highest recyclability or use of recycled content, requiring a decision on which aspects of packaging sustainability get prioritized. Siegwerk will gladly lend our expertise to examining the full value chain and helping our customers understand the direct and indirect impacts of packaging to make any necessary trade-offs.

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