Our Management Approach


We hold ourselves accountable

We are committed to becoming a circular and digital packaging solutions company, to contribute positively and responsibly to society and the environment. By capturing opportunities from the Circular Economy and digitalization, we will be able to preserve our long-term independence and ensure future success as a family-owned business. It is about increasing efficiency and effectiveness, empowering our people to bring the best out of everyone and, most importantly, making sustainability a driving force in everything we do.

We have always considered sustainability as an obligation. As a family-run company with an extensive history, we have long been aware of our responsibility to future generations and therefore treat all resources with care. Additionally, sustainable management has become an important topic for our customers but also for the end consumers. Our intention is to provide the market with forward-looking printing inks and coatings that enable a product's success, meeting all requirements including sustainability, and at the same time contribute to a positive change further driving a circular packaging industry. In addition to these ecological and economic aspects, the social consequences of our activities also play a major role, as we strive to be a good employer, partner and neighbor. And we are committed to assuming responsibility in all these areas and treating all our resources with care.

A partner to rely on

We have been working closely with customers and suppliers for decades, building long-term partnerships and creating a strong foundation of trust. For us, sustainability is not a step in the process, we consider it along the entire value chain - starting with the selection of raw materials and the production processes to the finished product and the services we provide.

Additionally, we always keep an eye on relevant safety and regulatory requirements, providing customers with the safest ink and coating solutions for the end-use application. But it is not only about product safety, we also attach great importance to meeting our responsibility as an employer. Therefore, we have a global network of in-house safety experts ensuring that our work environments are safe.

To ensure that we are always a good partner, we work on the basis of a Code of Business Conduct, which amongst others states the following:

  • We are committed to fair competition
  • We are committed to integrity in business dealings
  • We are committed to transparent financial reporting
  • We are committed to fair and respectful working conditions

You can download our complete declaration on ethics, social responsibility and sustainability here.