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Siegwerk hosted the latest bdvi seminar about migration and compliance at its headquarters in Siegburg

The German industry association “bdvi - the packaging network” was recently guest at Siegwerk’s headquarters in Siegburg. Special occasion was a workshop about migration and compliance bringing together packaging experts and seminar participants for discussions about these topics in theory and practice.

Due to stringent regulations, legal provisions as well as given quality reliability and safety measures, a professional handling of migration and compliance issues is an indispensable necessity for the whole packaging industry, its suppliers and customers. You can note a steady increase in regulatory efforts worldwide that is driven by stringent regulations like Swiss Ordinance or policies from large global brand owners,making product safety one of the most important and challenging aspects in packaging. Especially for food contact materials legislators strictly demand that all used materials from packaging material and aids to inks, labels, adhesives and others comply with the existing food laws. With its series of seminars, the professional association “bdvi – the packaging network” is concretely targeting this kind of essential topics around packaging by offering a platform for employees from food, cosmetics and packaging industries to directly exchange with experts and specialists.

On October 11, 2017, Siegwerk welcomed the bdvi to hold its workshop “Everyone is talking about migration – Substance migration, threats and their management” at its headquarters in Siegburg, Germany. Goal of the seminar was to give participants insights into how companies are handling migration and compliance in practices while also imparting knowledge about the theoretical background, legislation and compliance with legal requirements. Sonja Bähr, CEO at bdvi, welcomed 35 participants and several experts who talked about the theory behind migration, its mechanisms and practical examples from the industry.

Dr. Sarah-Lisa Theisen, Head of Product Safety and Regulations Business Unit Flexibles EMEA, took part as packaging and product safety expert from Siegwerk. She gave insights into potential migration risks related to printing inks, as well as strategies for safe packaging printing. “Siegwerk is a global leader in product safety. We have a team exclusively dedicated to safety regarding both regulatory compliance and customer and brand owner requirements to ensure that our products are safe for the end-use applications, “said Dr. Theisen “We permanently exchange with our customers and adapt our solutions to their needs without compromising on our high safety standards.”

In this context, Siegwerk doesn’t only exclude toxic substances based on regulatory exclusion criteria but moreover designs all food packaging inks to minimize the potential for the transfer of ink components of concern into food, whilst meeting the high end-use requirements. The company’s packaging inks and varnishes are formulated and manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice, taking into consideration many individual and varying parameters relating to substrate, application and end use. Siegwerk has implemented a comprehensive raw material introduction process striving to achieve complete knowledge of the chemical composition of all raw materials intended for food packaging inks. “When formulating our inks, we are not only looking for optimum performance based on our customers’ processes but also ensuring that inks are suitable and safe when used for desired packaging applications,” added Dr. Theisen. “As a global leader in product safety, we support our customers by safeguarding regulatory compliance for all of our inks and providing transparent information for the compliance work of the packaging chain. 

About bdvi:
The “bdvi – the packaging network” is a German professional association of packaging engineers, technicians, designers, traders and machine manufacturers that supports its members with competent knowledge around packaging and offers a profound network within the industry since its foundation in 1988. More information can be found here: