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Process Management and Consulting (PMC) provides customized services and solutions for Siegwerk customers

Today: Examples from Southeast Asia. Beyond being a renowned ink producer, Siegwerk offers a world of opportunities through its Process Management and Consulting (PMC) services. PMC is all about customized solutions and valuable support to elevate our customers’ business to higher efficiency. Let’s explore how PMC can be the game-changer in existing and new business!


Unleashing our customers’ full potential

Not just like in our industry, sometimes day-to-day operations can cloud opportunities for improvement. That’s where PMC comes in, providing outside-in perspectives and objective insights.  We monitor and analyze the production processes with our experts, identify cost-saving potential, and train the on-site staff to reach new levels of productivity.

PMC starts in the ink room

The ink room, a critical interface in printing operations, holds untapped potential for efficiency gains. Siegwerk PMC experts accompany customers on the path of change. With tailored advice and on-site support, we help to optimize the ink room management, leading to streamlined processes and better results.

Sustainable changes that stick

We believe in lasting transformations. That’s why we don’t just offer quick fixes but conduct workshops and training courses to instil sustainable changes for our customers. Together with customers’ key persons we control the success of the new processes, thus paving the way for long-term growth and success for customers and for Siegwerk as well.

Collaboration is key

We don’t just work for our customers; we work together with them in their operations. Our success is tied to our clients, which is why open communication and collaboration are at the heart of PMC. We understand challenges and goals, ensuring that our solutions fit seamlessly into Siegwerk customers’ business.


As an example here the latest success stories from Southeast Asian countries (see below)

TopicCustomer benefitsImpact at Customer

Digital color matching

  • Customized ink assortments to fit customer’s portfolio
  • Digital color library with ink room standards for precise definitions and easier color communication
  • Spectrophotometer and colorimetric software to maintain competitive cost level of formulas

60% Color matching time reduction

Reduction of press return inks

  • Different methods of return ink utilization
  • High turnaround of return inks
  • No excessive stocks

64% press return ink reduction

Reduced color matching time

  • Reduced usage of setup material and faster processes
  • Clear view on time used and KPIs for color matching

30% Color matching time reduction

Ink waste and ink management

  • Optimized ink room processes and less inventories
  • High utilization of ink dispenser

20% Ink waste is reduced


Let’s unlock more hidden potentials and also get new business with Siegwerk’s unique PMC services.

Let's build a brighter future together!


You want to get in contact with us?

Your contact person in SEA is Ramalingam Rajagurulingam who can be reached via ramalingam.rajagurulingam(at)

Global requests can be sent to Frank Dauth via frank.dauth(at)