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INKday: Siegwerk invites customers and ink experts to discuss the future of packaging inks

Siegwerk’s “INKday” event series offers customers a platform for discussions with internal and external experts about market developments, innovations and future trends in ink technology.

Today the global printing ink manufacturer for packaging, labels, and catalogs hosted an INKday in Utrecht (Netherlands), where about 70 invited guests and experts discussed the future of packaging inks. The event took place at Fort Voordorp, an impressive historic monument near the center of Utrecht that offered an inspirational environment for discussions about current and future industry trends. Michael Nieuwesteeg, Managing Director of NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre and board member of the World Packaging Organization (WPO) guided participants through the day’s program and steered interesting and informative panel discussions.

“INKdays bring ink experts together. They are a great platform for connecting with people from the industry and share experiences and new ideas,” said Pierre-Antoine Noirot, Head of Global Innovation Network (GIN) at Siegwerk, who gave the first INKspeech of the day, in the form of a presentation about future inks for packaging. “Our research teams are fully committed across the world to developing printing inks and coatings that meet tomorrow’s challenges.” Sustainability is one of the key cornerstones in the development of future inks.

Prof. Dr. Roland Ten Klooster from the University of Twente, Faculty of Engineering Technology, gave insights into the importance of packaging design. “Within two seconds we are able to judge a product based on the packaging design – it clearly influences the purchase decision,” he said. “It’s the combination of appearance, feel and functionality of the packaging that plays the most important role at the point of sale.”

In addition to presentations about current trends in the packaging market and its impact on future requirements for ink technologies, participants had the opportunity to discuss specific topics in more detail and get deeper insights during so-called INKtalks. These interactive workshops guided by Siegwerk experts covered topics like LED and low-energy inks, sustainable and water-based inks, solutions for high-performance flexo printing, or product safety and regulatory requirements.

Siegwerk has hosted this interactive customer event with great success since 2007. INKdays stand for Innovation, News and Know-how and combine expert presentations and panel discussions as well as interactive workshops about current trends and product innovations. Today’s event took place in Utrecht, where the company opened a new sales subsidiary in January 2016 to expand its local support for Dutch customers.