Shrink sleeve - non food

Colors and lacquers for

Achieve superior print quality, optical effects and resistance to filling goods, e.g., acid, oil, water


Solution Benefits

Printing & Packaging Functionality

  • Good chemical resistance (e.g., fat, acid)
  • Great print results and on full surface of packaging
  • Excellent white ink opacity for transparent packaging
  • Damage free ink film shrinking for great design reproduction
  • Good thermal stability and shrinking consistency

Printing & Packaging Efficiency

  • No blocking of converted film on wound reel (ink-to-ink contact)
  • Broad applicability to water steam, infrared and hot air shrink processes

Color series

Low migration


Non Low migration

POLYAQUA Series SICURA Screen Series SICURA Flex Series SICURA Flex Dual Cure Series

Color series

Non Low migration

SICURA Litho Pack

Application Types

  • Shrink sleeve

Filling Goods

  • Paints
  • household cleaners
  • etc.