Self adhesive multilayer label

Colors and lacquers for

Achieve excellent abrasion resistance


Solution Benefits

Printing Functionality

  • Outstanding release properties of the cationic varnish
  • Excellent opacity of white ink
  • Excellent edge-lift resistance and no curling of label
  • Very good contrast, readability of barcodes and scanner areas

Printing & Packaging Efficiency

  • Excellent abrasion resistance of overprint varnish to avoid label damage and support clean labeling
  • Superior release property in order to simplify the peel and seal process
Ink System / Non Food
  • White ink: Sicura Screen
  • Color ink: Sicura Flex, Sicura Plast, Sicura Typo or Sicura WL
  • Release varnish: Sicura Flex Release varnish
  • Overprint varnish: Sicura Flex OPV

Color series

Low migration

SICURA Nutriflex TUBE OPV SICURA Nutriflex Series SICURA Nutriscreen Series SICURA Nutriflex LEDTec Series AQUALABEL Series POLYAQUA Series SICURA Litho NutriEco Series SICURA Nutritube Series NW Series 75 NW Series 97-4 NW Series 97-1

Non Low migration

SICURA Flex Series SICURA Screen Series POLYAQUA Series SICURA Typo 41-2 Series NW Series 66
Solution Benefits
  • Excellent adhesion and flexibility performance of the dried film.
  • High jetting performance on piezo drop-on-demand printheads.

Application Types

  • Label

Filling Goods

  • Medicine
  • pharmaceutical products
  • household cleaners
  • etc.