Corrugated board – preprint

Inks and coatings for

<ul><li>Achieve high color strength &amp; good lay with a easy handling product </li><li>Meet high hot rub resistances on a corrugator</li></ul>



Solution Benefits
  • High printing-speed for efficient print runs on coated and uncoated papers
  • Easy cleaning & high resolubility
  • High print-resistance
Ink System & Coating
  • UNIBASE: high concentrated pigment bases
  • UNICOR PREPRINT: water-based extender specially formulated for the heat and high humidity in the corrugator
  • UniNATURE: latest generation of water-based extenders with very high content of renewable raw materials 
  • UNILAC: water-based overprint-coatings

Application Types

  • Corrugated board

Filling Goods

  • Display
  • industrial box
  • beverage (fruit juice wine champagne etc...)