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Are you still undecided whether switching from UV to UV LED flexo printing would be beneficial for you?

This calculator will help you to analyze your individual saving potential with UV LED.

With increased productivity, lower costs and higher safety, the utilization of UV LED can offer relevant benefits. Today, UV LED systems are already considered as sustainable alternative to traditional UV systems and as they are becoming more and more cost-competitive the transition from standard UV to UV LED is continuously growing. Even though the motivation for switching differs from region to region, one aspect is always the same: the potential of UV LED to save energy and reduce the carbon dioxide emission.

Our calculator can give you a first idea of your savings potential when you switch to UV LED – and you will probably be surprised.

This calculator uses some basic assumptions. For a more detailed analysis of your individual situation your Siegwerk representative will be happy to assist you. You can always get in contact with us to explore the benefits of switching from UV to UV LED and get valuable insights before investing in a new UV LED press.

Ready to discover your savings potential?

Just enter your specific parameters into the marked boxes and press calculate.

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