Reducing eco-impact

Ink solutions with reduced ecological impact

The challenge?

As part of the growing global demand for more sustainable products and more sustainable packaging, there is also an interest in renewable raw materials in inks and caotings. There is a growing desire to avoid food materials, thereby minimizing ethical conflicts.

To further reduce the ecological impact of the ink, investigations into implementing further sustainable benefits like biodegradability are also conducted.

However, there is still a need to maintain or improve technical performance of the inks and coatings, and to avoid cost increases of inks and coatings.

The solution?

  • Green ink systems for nearly all printing technologies are available
  • Solvent-based inks for gravure and flexo using bio-Ethanol and bio-Resins
  • Water-based inks based on Siegwerk proprietary hybrid resins
  • Oil-based offset inks use vegetable oil and natural resins > 75% content
  • Even UV-Flexo inks can be formulated with 50% renewable raw materials
  • All renewable raw materials fully comply with our strict raw material regulations,
    no impact on any product safety aspect due to renewable raw materials

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