De-inking technology

Provide de-inkable solutions to generate high quality recyclates

The challenge?

During the recycling process of printed packaging materials, quality is often lost along the way, leading to recyclates that are not up to the standard required to create new packaging materials.

The ink on printed packaging gets degraded through the extrusion process that occurs during recycling. This leads to unattractive discoloration and/or unpleasant odors in the recyclates. This in turn leads to downcycling of recyclates. Avoiding the critical breakdown of materials at high temperatures is therefore key, as this often prevents the re-use of recyclates into new packaging materials.

The solution?

De-inkable inks and coatings for surface printed polyolefinic films with proven performance within defined deinking process conditions.

  • Definition/verification of suitable de-inking process conditions
  • Close collaboration with recyclers to define industrial process window
  • Evaluation of sorting processes to avoid non-compliant materials
  • Certification of suitable ink solutions for the specific packaging structure
  • Uncompromised technical and PSR related performance of de-inkable inks for flexible packaging applications
  • Validation of de-inkability within the relevant deinking conditions at recyclers
  • Avoiding hiccups like wash water contamination to ensure an economically and ecologically good process

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