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Investment in Siegwerk Canada's future

Siegwerk Canada announces the opening of its new facility in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Dave Hiserodt BU Head Flex Pack CUSA says “We are expanding our sales, technical service and distribution footprint in the GTA to support growth”.


Investment in Siegwerk Canada's future

The new facility will allow Siegwerk sales and service staff to provide a more expedient service response for its existing and potential customer base in the GTA. With this, there will be the addition of local blending capabilities and enhanced warehouse space to allow for growth and investment in the region. The sales and distribution center currently located in Laval, Quebec will remain to serve Quebec-based customers.

It is anticipated that some changes to the organization will be necessary and while these changes are not easy, the new site will help for the sustainable growth of the Siegwerk Canada organization as a whole.  In addition, this restructuring will bring Siegwerk Canada more in line with the overall company organizational goals and objectives to capture Canada and USA synergies.