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Customers respond positively to final INKday

The international conference series INKday from Flexible Packaging wrapped up with a two-day event at headquarters in Siegburg. More than 300 people attended to network and learn more about innovations, news and know-how in the world of flexible packaging. See our photo gallery.

Customers respond positively to final INKday

CEO Herbert Forker welcomed participants to the event, which featured expert speakers from the entire value chain including Siegwerk’s Klaus Heger and Andre Berk: Consumers, retail, branded goods manufacturers, converters and ink manufacturers were all showcased to provide those attending with the full picture. Afterwards, the more than 300 participants were able to further exchange know-how in workshops and the so-called INKtalk discussion rounds, moderated by Siegwerk experts.
“Combining speeches with participants’ later active involvement was a completely new concept for our industry,” says Siegwerk Board Member Ralf Hildenbrand, President Flexible Packaging. “We’re really happy that our customers responded so positively to this initiative and took the opportunity to explore the full potential of the whole value chain with us.”

Specially created supermarket
Participants could also choose from four different workshops dealing with problem prevention and solving, process optimization, innovation, and sustainability. They could also visit a specially created “supermarket” to get a first hand look at packaging solutions in the dairy, candy, beverages and personal hygiene areas. Siegwerk experts were on hand to explain creative packaging solutions developed in cooperation with our customers as well as current packaging trends.
INKday was launched in September 2007 in Paris before moving on to Milan, Barcelona, Moscow, Manchester, Istanbul, Switzerland, and now Siegburg. Adding to the innovative and creative atmosphere, all INKday events took place in unique artistic settings such as a house designed by famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona and a Parisian art gallery. Specially commissioned works of art that showcased Siegwerk packaging solutions in photorealism style at the conference locations were raffled off among participants with proceeds going to a charitable cause.