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UV DAYS 2015 by IST METZ: a hub of the UV technology

Siegwerk will present its products and solutions at the UV DAYS, organized by IST METZ in Nürtingen near Stuttgart in Germany, which will become “a hub of the UV technology” for graphic art between June 15th and 18th, 2015.

“As a market leader in the field of UV inks and varnishes for packaging and labels applications, our experts will be available to present the state of the art Sicura solution package,” says Michael Müller-Samson, Vice President Business Unit Sheetfed and Narrow Web.

Siegwerk will present solutions in these three main fields:
- Sicura Low Migration systems for safe UV printing of food packaging & labels
- the high quality and trouble free Sicura systems for printing non-food packaging & labels
- the emerging UV Low Energy & LED systems
“In addition, our experts are able to provide support and advice to bring added value to our customers’ projects,” adds Marc Larvor, Head of UV R&D Business Unit Sheetfed and Narrow Web.

At the UV DAYS, Siegwerk will showcase its complete Sicura range of “Low Migration” systems that allow the printer to comply with the regulations – and that for all printing processes. On top of state of the art solutions for food packaging, Siegwerk supplies printers with a recognized support for the safe manufacturing of food packaging in the form of its “Know How” brochure, a very detailed customer guidance for food packaging printing.

Siegwerk’s bestsellers among the low migration ink systems for UV flexo printing are the series Sicura Nutriflex 10 (for labels applications) and Sicura Nutriflex 20 for very demanding applications the UV offset series Sicura Litho Nutriboard (for paper and selected films) and Sicura Litho Nutriplast (for plastics) 

Of course, Siegwerk will also present many of its biggest standards in the fields of packaging and labels for non-food packaging, which are the Sicura Flex 39-8 series in UV flexo and Sicura Litho Plast SP in UV offset.

With more than 500 employees and 15 subsidiaries, IST METZ is one of the world's leading suppliers in UV technology: IST METZ develops, manufactures and distributes drying & UV curing systems for the graphic arts and industrial applications using ultra violet light (UV).
IST METZ has been organizing UV DAYS, the world's biggest event dedicated to UV printing technology, since 2002. On four days, around 700 visitors will be updated about the latest trends in UV technology.