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Siegwerk on the job training with the SPC staff.

The power of best processes with Siegwerk PMC

“Siegwerk has proven to be an experienced partner with customized solutions and the best practice expertise needed for achieving the process efficiencies we aimed for,” said Chaiwoot Chotitputsilp, Managing Director, SPC Interprint, Thailand.

SPC decided to seek the support from Ink industry experts who know their way around ink management and brought in Siegwerk as their consultant. SPC wanted to benefit from the experience gained by Siegwerk from its many customer relations and global activities in ink room process optimization. This value-added service has turned a straightforward supplier into a “valuable business partner” added Chotitputslip. 

Siegwerk’s Process Management and Consulting (PMC) team and SPC jointly reorganized the company’s ink room. “This involved introducing new workflows and standardizing procedures which have led to increasing reproducibility,” said Sarika Nattaporn, PMC Specialist, Flexible Packaging. SPC can now rely on high-level quality as a standard in its ink room. 

The key aspects of the collaboration have been the support provided by the Siegwerk process experts and introduction of the InHouse principle at SPC.

Taking measures together, SPC has been able to move KPIs in the right direction: color matching time for the presses has become drastically shorter - now 30 percent lower than the average before the project.

Systematic, process-driven operations ensure that optimum results are achieved. Chotitputslip summed up the situation saying, “Together with Siegwerk it has been a great journey for us. For the next step, the Siegwerk PMC team will support further print and process improvements for SPC.