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Tactile Effect Lacquers- Part 1

Relief, paper-touch, soft-, silk- and rubber-touch lacquers – they all feature functions that deliver product differentiation and customer loyalty.

Brand owners especially are looking for this tactile appeal, which aims at promoting positive emotions about product content. That’s because the more the consumer believes the packaging has a premium-quality feel to it, and they associate a positive feeling with that, the likelier the consumer is to buy the product. Tactile effects can therefore effectively reinforce the impact of each brand promise as well as the perceived quality of the promoted product.

1. Relief Lacquers
• Provide tactile experience
• Raised coatings display high gloss levels
Technical Background:
• Acts as a UV-curing, raised-coating lacquer to produce surface textures
• Applies defined textures
• Feasible in combination with high-gloss lacquer to achieve as high a degree of print-motif plasticity as possible
• Alternative to conventional blind embossing
• 3D-textures on exclusive tobacco and cosmetics packaging
• Not suitable for subtle fonts, bleeds or within groove lines

2. Rubber-Touch Lacquers
• Rubber-like, slip-resistant feel
• Specific matt effects, “aha experience”, because usually unexpected
Technical Background:
• Soft, elastic microtextures on the surface produce this unique feel
• Rubber-touch lacquers are generally slightly opaque
• Print images can be partially refined (details, fonts, screens)
• Tobacco packaging and products designed to feature a masculine touch

3. Silk- or Soft-Touch Lacquers
• Soft, pleasant feel
• Premium matt effect and silky surface (“silk feel”)
Technical Background:
• Silk and velvet can be simulated by very fine particles in the matt lacquer in combination with the coatings 
on PP and PET films
• Packaging for beauty and luxury products

4. Paper-Touch Lacquers
• Conveys natural, paper-like feel
• Intensive matt effects and rough surface
Technical Background:
• Kraft paper, parchment, wood surfaces or sand can be simulated by very coarse texturing agents in the 
matt lacquer in combination with the coatings on synthetic films
• For surface printing on synthetic packaging
• Packaging for “natural foods” like granola, dried fruits, nuts etc.