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Siegwerk’s new product finder makes searching for the right solution easier than ever

Following its website relaunch in early 2023, Siegwerk has now added a new product and application finder that makes it even easier to navigate through its ink portfolio, and thus further improves user experience.

Back in early 2023, Siegwerk relaunched its website to provide additional benefit to its customers. With a modern look and feel and a clear content structure, the new website has since invited visitors to experience the company's world of inks and coatings for sustainable packaging printing. By launching the new product and application finder, the company now adds another feature to its website that helps to enhance the user experience even further.

With just a few clicks, customers can now identify the right solutions for their individual applications and technologies. Whether it’s about searching for a specific product, looking up the portfolio of an ink series, or getting a general overview of suitable solutions - the new online product finder can do it all.

•    Find by printing process: To further refine the search, a printing process can be selected. Depending on the selection, the search can be narrowed down even further by selecting the desired ink technology such as solvent-based, water-based or UV, the desired type of ink - conventional or low migration - and the desired type of product such as inks, primer, OPV, white, metallics - to just name a few options. For inkjet inks, the type of printhead can also be selected to further optimize the search results.

•    Using the search field: Searching for a specific product name or application can be done using the input field by entering some keywords. If nothing is entered, all solutions currently listed will be displayed by default.

•    Find by application type: Searching products for a special application can be done either by using the input field or by clicking on “Find by Application Type” to select from a list of application options including different kinds of substrates, packaging applications and print products as well as special functionalities such as anti-fog or cold seal solutions.

To make the search experience even better, Siegwerk’s optimized product finder now also offers the option of displaying the search results either by application or by ink series. Clicking on an application or a special ink series will then give further details such as ink performance, series portfolio, technical information, or availability. For some series, further information material is available for download. For further details, each page offers a contact form to get in touch with the corresponding ink experts to learn more about the solution and jointly find the best way for the individual needs.

As of today, most ink series, including our latest UV and LED UV series, are already included in the tool. Going forward, more solutions will be added to the database on a regular basis to continuously improve the search results. Moreover, further enhancements of the tool are already planned for the future, such as additional filter options for example according to regional availability.

You can check the new product and application finder here.