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Siegwerk will selectively increase prices of packaging inks in EMEA

Due to the ongoing uncertainty on the markets of raw materials for packaging inks in 2012, prices in the supply chain continue to be subject to upward pressures.

This trend is primarily driven by a continued imbalance of supply and demand of feed stocks on a world wide scale. The speed and impact by which prices for raw materials increased in the period 2010/2011 has never been seen before. Our expectations that the pressure on raw material prices would relieve early 2012 have unfortunately not come true. We know by now that at least until the end of this calendar year upward pressure will continue.

As a result of the continuous increase of raw material costs some products have turned unprofitable. Therefore Siegwerk will have to significantly increase prices of individual products in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa). The impact will depend on the customer’s individual product portfolio and differ from business unit to business unit.

In those cases where the market is not capable of accepting higher prices certain articles will no longer be offered.

Siegwerk’s account managers will approach their customers over the coming weeks and inform about the selective price increases.