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Siegwerk welcomes previous AGFA experts to its inkjet team

New resources are in place; the points are set: Siegwerk makes every effort to further strengthen its digital ink footprint. We’ve talked to Matthieu Carni, Director Business Unit Inkjet at Siegwerk, about the last achievements in his area and welcomed Jan De Vooght and Tom Molamphy as new team members to the Siegwerk family.

Q: What were the latest milestones for your team and Siegwerk’s inkjet business, Matthieu?

Matthieu: There is a lot going on right now. We are making every effort to further strengthen our digital ink business and expand our offering. The last announced deal with AGFA Graphics was a huge milestone for us. With the agreed transfer of AGFA’s UV curable digital inkjet inks for single pass packaging and label printing to us, we are now able to complement our own inkjet ink portfolio with AGFA’s well known and high-quality inks and varnishes for packaging. Just shortly before, we have already opened a new production facility for inkjet inks at our Technical Center in Annemasse, France, which we are currently transforming into our driving force for future inkjet ink solutions. Further investments of additional 2 million euros for new equipment for the inkjet ink technology are already planned for the next five years. All in all, we are getting prepared for the markets of tomorrow and laying important tracks for further expanding our digital ink offering.

Q: So, you already invested in infrastructures and products to further expand the inkjet business. Have you also expanded your team resources?

Matthieu: It is our general commitment to further drive the development of inkjet inks that meet all printing process functionality and efficiency requirements and address the specific challenges of the labels and packaging segments. And of course, we also need great people and specialists to achieve this goal. That’s why I am more than happy to welcome Jan De Vooght and Tom Molamphy, two former AGFA experts, to the Siegwerk family now. Their transfer to our team is an additional constructive step in the development of our company’s inkjet ink business for labels and packaging. Both are absolute specialists in the inkjet field and add tremendous market experience to our unit enabling us to convert more leads into commercial success.

Q: Jan and Tom you have bothdecided to reinforce Siegwerk’s inkjet ink team following the deal with AGFA, your former employer. Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your experiences?

Jan: I was working as General Manager Industrial Inkjet for AGFA Graphics. Back in 2012 I have kicked off the industrial ink activity for AGFA and converted it into a sizable global business. Now, I am feeling glad and honored that Siegwerk has asked me to support the transfer of AGFA’s inkjet ink business. My first goal is to ensure a smooth transition of the customers and to solidify Siegwerk’s position at the UV inkjet ink market. Furthermore, I will assist in achieving Siegwerk’s growth ambitions in inkjet inks and will help exploring opportunities in emerging markets.

Q: And what about you, Tom? Could you also tell us a bit about your way to Siegwerk?

Tom: I served in different sales and marketing roles with Phoseon, a leader in UV LED curing technology, before joining AGFA Graphics North America as Business Development Manager for the company’s Industrial Inkjet Ink Division. I am very pleased to continue this role now for Siegwerk. On the one hand I will guarantee a confident transfer of the existing clients and on the other hand, I will explore new business opportunities in the United States and Canada for the fast- growing industrial ink operation.