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Siegwerkers painting piggy banks with children at the SOS Children's Village.

Siegwerk Thailand supports SOS Children’s Village Nongkhai

The Siegwerk Thailand team enjoys giving back to society and helping those in need. That’s why in Thailand, Siegwerk likes to focus its corporate social responsibility (CSR) work on the SOS Children’s Village in Nongkhai. Siegwerk chose this location because Nongkhai is a poor province located on the border with Laos.

Siegwerk Thailand was represented by the company’s welfare committee, which organized an interactive and effective session with 60 SOS children. They took part in making pizza and painting plaster piggy banks and bags. 

The process of learning how to make traditional pizzas was a hit with the children. Working with Siegwerkers to learn how to make pizza dough, mix different toppings and experimenting with cooking gave all the children great satisfaction and a reward of a tasty meal.

Another fantastic session was when the kids got to paint their own plaster piggy banks and bags using colored paint sets. The items made great gifts for the children and will help them learn about saving money for the future. 

Siegwerk Thailand is looking forward to more visits and sponsoring other SOS Children’s Villages as part of their annual CSR activity.

About SOS Children’s Village Nongkhai Bangkok

SOS Children's Village Nongkhai took in the first children in 1994. It was set up to help and support the poor people of Thailand's north-eastern province with the main aim of enabling children to grow up in a loving family home. The home in Nongkhai provides support for about 113 orphaned and abandoned children.

Since 2010, Siegwerk has maintained a global relationship with SOS and supported major Lighthouse Projects in Mexico, India, the Philippines, Brazil, Vietnam, Chile and Guatemala.