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Siegwerk forms partnership with ASA Color

Siegwerk has officially appointed ASA Color and Chemical Industries Inc., a major ink manufacturer in the Philippines, to be its exclusive agent in the country.

Under the partnership, ASA Color will be responsible for promoting and marketing Siegwerk products to local clients in the Philippines.  The initial focus will be on two high-end products: Toluene-free ink for flexible packaging, and UV ink for narrow web applications.  These are two of the most innovative and quality ink solutions being provided by Siegwerk today.

Jose Arbatin and Nazario Sta. Ana, two enterprising entrepreneurs who founded ASA Color almost 30 years ago, remarked of the partnership, “The entry of leading edge Siegwerk products into our existing portfolio of excellent ink solutions would certainly enhance and strengthen ASA Color’s reputation as a manufacturer and supplier of quality inks and further boost our stature as a major ink player in the market today.”

Recognizing the growing demand in the local ink market for specific and quality ink applications, the partnership is expected to reap significant benefits for both companies. This arrangement presents a win-win situation for both companies because their areas of focus complement each other—ASA Color concentrates on flexible packaging ink (toluene-based), while Siegwerk’s focus is on toluene-free ink technology (gravure and flexo), which is becoming increasingly popular with local printers catering to big international brands.

For his part, Christian Vang, President and Head of Asia-Pacific Region at Siegwerk, confirms, “We are confident that ASA Color, with its extensive technical and marketing experience, can provide the platform to support our product lines, enhance awareness about Siegwerk and our products, and strengthen our market position in the country.”

The local ink market is steadily becoming more sophisticated. As such, the entry of toluene-free inks and UV inks into the country courtesy of Siegwerk would benefit many local printing end-users and long-time clients of ASA Color. The combined ink technologies from Siegwerk and ASA Color would be welcome news for Philippine customers since Siegwerk’s internationally-accepted and tested quality ink solutions are now available.

Arbatin and Sta. Ana stated that numerous marketing and promotional activities are already being lined up that would surely benefit the market in terms of updates about the latest technological developments in the ink industry, as well as other efforts to further boost the partnership between ASA Color and Siegwerk Ink.

ASA Color and Chemical Industries, Inc., a Filipino-owned ink manufacturer, was founded in March 1977, with just two employees (Arbatin and Sta. Ana). Today, the company has 150 employees working in its three main locations (the main office in Quezon City, the main plant in Bocaue, Bulacan and the Tumana warehouse).

Among its clients are top converters from various industries in the country like industrial packaging, tobacco, paper products, corrugated boxes, consumer packaging, food, household, health and beauty, and advertising.

About Siegwerk
With approximately 4,000 employees in 34 countries and annual sales of 830 million Euros, Siegwerk is the world’s third largest ink manufacturer.  Founded in 1830, Siegwerk is one of Europe’s oldest companies in private ownership.  The company headquarters is located in Siegburg near Cologne (Germany).  Countless inventions and patents demonstrate the group’s leadership in innovation.  Siegwerk is the global leader in inks for packaging and publication gravure.  In web offset, the company is among the fastest growing players.

About ASA Color and Chemical Industries, Inc
ASA Color and Chemical Industries, Inc., founded in 1977, is one of the leading manufacturers of flexographic and rotogravure inks in the Philippines. With offices in Manila and Cebu, it has a stable customer base of over 150 active clients in various industries such as industrial packaging, tobacco, paper products, consumer packaging, food packaging, household products, health and beauty and advertising.

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