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Siegwerk Brazil promotes annual training for fire brigade

Siegwerk Brazil is happy to be supported by a well-trained emergency assistance team in case of accidents – The Emergency Brigade. The team includes 48 official firefighters.

Apart from that, once a month, there are  training sessions being held for the members of the Emergency Brigade. These internal training sessions cover topics related to fire fighting, building evacuation and first aid assistance. It is common for the group to carry out emergency simulations and thus the brigade members have the opportunity to exercise their firefighting skills, making use of the equipment available at the Siegwerk plant.

In addition to monthly meetings for practical exercise in the use of fire prevention and fighting techniques, the company annually promotes training in a test field, where firefighters are confronted with real fire situations, and have to apply firefighting techniques, either by using a fire extinguisher or hydraulic equipment. This year’s external fire fight training was held on two dates, April 9th and May 14th.

“The expectation is always positive regarding the result of the training. In addition to emergency response situations, we strengthen awareness and constant work in the PREVENTION OF RISK CONDITIONS, that can lead to fires or accidents involving co-workers,“ says Luiz Cardeiro, Work Safety Technician at Siegwerk Brazil.

All trainings and the management of the brigade are organized by Siegwerk Brazil’s  HSE team which is constantly committed to keeping employees and the factory safe!