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Price Pressures Continue – Siegwerk to Increase Pricing in U.S. and Canada

The entire ink industry is facing continuing price pressures due to a multitude of causes – escalating transportation costs, raw material supply disturbances, as well as, global governmental impacts including enforcement of environmental policies in developing countries and tariff developments in the CUSA region (U.S. and Canada).

Siegwerk is working to mitigate these effects on its customer base through leveraging its global spend and utilization of alternative, qualified suppliers.  In some instances, alternative suppliers are not an option and those that are have increased prices with demand.  Energy-curable inks are significantly affected; however, the tangible impact of these drivers has also affected water-based and solvent-based inks.  As a result Siegwerk is forced to implement price increases and/or surcharges across all business units.  “With no sign of relief moving into 2019, Siegwerk will implement price increases and/or surcharges across its entire product portfolio within the U.S. and Canada,” stated Dave Hiserodt, president CUSA.  “The impact of the combined overall drivers is unprecedented and Siegwerk must act in order to ensure continued supply of its quality, safe ink solutions.”

Further details surrounding these increases and/or surcharges will be forthcoming.

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