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New NC-based ink system with best-in-class HD print performance

Siegwerk will shortly unveil a new NC-ink generation concretely suited for high-quality flexoprint. Markus Jansen, Department Manager Application Technology Flexible Packaging EMEA at Siegwerk, gives some insights into the company’s newest ink innovation.

Q: What are the benefits of the newly developed NC-based concentrate system?

A: The most critical parameter in HD flexoprinting is the color intensity because of low coating weight. Our newly developed NC-based concentrate system achieves an optimal color density and intensity - even up to +20% compared to proven flexoprinting inks. Other benefits include excellent rheological properties, significantly improved print results as well as substantially higher productivity and efficiency. All in all, the new ink achieves optimum print results in terms of color intensity and subtle shading even at low pick-up volumes (< 3cm3/m2). And even though it has a much thinner ink thicknesses on substrates than other proven flexoprinting inks, the new technology is characterized by a low drying requirement and a high color intensity. It just combines the optimal properties for best-in-class HD print performance.

Q: How did the idea come up for this new ink development?

A: We always attach significant importance to an open dialog with our customers. Understanding their needs is key to early identify trending topics and open issues enabling us to channel our R&D activities correspondingly. We know HD flexoprint is technically challenging as the use of a standard ink leads to lower and unsatisfactory color intensity. So, we’ve put this topic on our workshop agenda during our INKday expert forum in March this year to directly discuss challenges, experiences and needs with customers and ink experts. Doing so, we’ve gathered lots of inspirations and ideas how to support customers to overcome the technical challenges while fulfilling higher standards in HD flexoprinting. Based on this we’ve started with the development of this new NC-ink innovation.

Q: And when do you plan to unveil the new ink system?

A: We’ve already tested the new NC-ink generation for HD flexoprint applications many times on state-of-the-art presses at commercial partners. We now expect to unveil our innovation to customers and start conducting trials in autumn this year.